Welcome to the Page that is all about Felix, a special needs rescue Wire Fox Terrier. He was rescued and arrived at WFTRM on August 1, 2013 with severe birth defects coupled with abuse. Felix scootched his way down a long road with surgeries, recovery and therapy. For the first time in his life he was learning to trust, feel safe and most importantly . . . feel loved and wanted.
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Hi from Felix. Many of my friends call me Feefers. I have been through quite the journey since being rescued and experiencing a new world and life. I can be very ornery if not feeling well or in pain. I am a typical Wire Fox Terrier and like to play rough with my mouth, toss and shake my chipmunk toys and go outside exploring for critters to hunt and chase.
My fears, insecurities, growlies and medical complications have all played a hand in the decision for me to be off the adoption market. I am officially a member now of Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest in Chicago and share the home with the Naughty Brothers - Odie & Zazoo. My Feefers Follies Page will be updated with Feefers fun and upcoming medical news. Everyone has been Amazing in supporting me and WFTRM through my surgeries, therapy and beyond and you all are the bestest friends ever.
Love & Hugs to you all!
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Felix has made it through hopefully his last traumatic surgery with the removal of his deformed leg. It all went smooth and even the recovery, adapting and forgiving went well. Every procedure has been a terrifying one for him - even grooming can make him anxious, angry and alert on who is touching what on him. Who can blame him for being cautious and having trust issues with the 3 years he had to endure with his original home in Arkansas. Felix has bonded with us and feels safe and it will be a matter of showing him once again that we are here to help him get through any and all hurdles that may come.
Felix has another battle to overcome as he was diagnosed with a cancerous nasal tumor in March 2015. Read his journey from the first of this year up until now by clicking his story box at right.
With deep sadness and sorrow - on November 22, 2016 Felix got his wings and safely landed in heaven. He bravely fought his last battle with the nasal cancer and outliving the expectations given us in April 2015. He was a true fighter to the very end, not ready to leave and me not ready to say goodbye. My heart is forever broken and Felix will be missed each and every day. He was so very much loved.
In October we had a special day we called Felix's Fall Fun Day. We loaded up the stroller and got in the car and headed to the Forest Preserve Trails. We walked the wooded trail - 5 miles. Felix had the best time ever and was his last stroller ride. See his Video - Click on Felix at Right.
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Felix's nose started to bleed in the summer - not every day and only small increments. He was getting weaker, dragging his leg more and having trouble even crossing the threshold of the doorways. Felix slept alot too, often not getting up until after 10 a.m. His muscles in his back side had been playing tricks on him too. He would wake up each morning and head to the door to go outside but his logs would drop out one by one on the way to the door. It just became part of my routine to follow up after him. He had no idea this was happening. At the end of September came a horrible event - the other dogs wanted to weed him out of the pack. They sensed he was very sick and weak and picked on him. I had to supervise from then on and if I went out, they were all put in room with Felix having run of the main house. He reverted back to when he first arrived, wanting to sleep tucked back against the wall next to my side of the bed to feel secure. He used to do this when he first arrived. I knew Felix was losing his fight but he wanted to keep trying.
In October, the nose drainage became more substantial and was blood and yellow pus. The odor of necroptic tissue was very strong, filling the bedroom each morning. I ran the aroma diffuser constantly to clear the air. I was familiar with this as my Wheaten Terrier had an infection between her toes where the flesh was rotting. She had to have two toes and some bone removed in emergency surgery.

On Monday, November 21st his nose just exploded and we had a difficult time stopping the blood. Felix would sneeze out pieces of tissue - he was so drained. There was so much blood - it was everywhere. When the doctor called back that day, he squeezed us in the next morning although he had many surgeries on the schedule. He said I am an optimist and I must be - I so had hoped there was some invervention or procedure for Felix. I even asked if it was possible he could have sneezed out the tumor. He looked at me as tears streamed down my face and then Felix layed down, tucked his paws and face in like he always does and closed his eyes. I layed over him, kissing his little curls on his head and let him go peacefully.
Felix was so innocent and forgiving. He loved life and everyone he met. He loved to be loved on and rubbed - except on his nose. And he was not remorseful for any warnings - forgotten as soon as given. Felix was happy every day and minute. Why he had to endure such burdens and leave at only 6 years old makes it very difficult to accept and to move on. I am hoping when the heart is not so tender, to keep his page updated with stories and pictures from his time here with me and in Rescue. He brought tremendous joy to our world and will never be forgotten.