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where we will feature our current adoption news and going home pictures. This page will change often with our most recently Rescued Wire Fox Terriers finding their perfect Forever Homes. We would love to showcase all of our success stories but this page would never end and we would love for you to get a chance to visit all the other pages of our Website.
Abracadabra . . . Watch the magic occur when you give a rescue comfort and love. WFTRM is very fortunate to have a dedicated group who sacrifice their time, home, transport assistance and help to make the magic happen.
The darling duo have a dynamic new home. Abby and Benny were adopted together and now settling in and enjoying their new home with Mary from Monroe, Michigan. Mary has always had Wire Fox Terriers, owning 4 over the many years. All lived to be 14 to 16 years old with her last little girl Emma passing away recently. Her home was too quiet and lonely but no more. Benny is a big fella with a big bark and he is always on guard for sounds or visitors. Abby brought her gazillion balls and melts Mary down with those big brown eyes to throw the ball 100 times. They are both enjoying the lovely fenced yard and the sun porch for snoozing. The other day they decided to run zoomies through the house to let her know how happy they were. Mary’s son Mark was doing the driving on Adoption Day and they needed to get back in one day so I agreed to meet them in South Bend. We had a fantastic 70 degree day here in the Midwest. Mark loves Wire Fox Terriers too and thought these two were just awesome and Mary was just thrilled to finally meet them and hug them. I have to say I really really miss these two – Abby & Benny were so charming and funny and just a joy to have around. I know Mary is just tickled and has the same feelings. I have spoken to her twice now to talk about funny things they have already been doing. Life is wonderful again for all three. Congratulations Abby, Benny & Mary!
WFTRM had a busy Adoption weekend. Beau my handsome boy from Louisiana found a Pawfect Forever Home. Beau was adopted by long time Foxy owners Wayne and Mary from Naperville, IL. Beau will have all the attention and Pampering he deserves along with some sound training. Beau hit the lottery He has loving owners who know how to work with him, nice yard, long walks everyday, Comfy doggie bed in their room. Beau is one of the family and so far he is a happy camper. He was a little nervous leaving but he has settled in and fits well. Mary has the snuggle bug she wanted and Wayne has a walking companion. All is well another Happy Tail for sure. Congratulations Beau Mary and Wayne.
Spencer left for his Forever Home today and what a Lucky boy he is. Vema and her friend Tom drove to Iowa from Eden Prairie MN to adopt this precious boy. His new home is awesome,beautiful yard and a stay at home mom, so he will get all the attention he is used too and loves. Vema is a master gardener who loves to work outside with her Foxy helper, and Spencer will keep her busy. Spence is her 4th Wire Fox Terrier so Vema knows how to Enjoy with her favorite breed. Tom loves Terriers too so Spencer will be well cared for and loved. He has a new name Vinci to begin his new life. Updates and pictures are promised so we can watch Vinci grow up. Stephi and I are going to miss him but we know he will have that special wonderful life all Foxies deserve. Live well Vinci It was so much fun having you visit WFTRM
Token has quickly been taken and she is sure enjoying her Forever Home. The ten pound little Wire Fox mix girl found herself in Tampa Animal Control after her mom died. She is a senior girl and was very scared and confused and no animal deserves to spend their last life moments in a concrete cell to be put to sleep. So Token took a flight to WFTRM Chicago and was welcomed with open arms. She had not only one familiar home wanting her but two! Marian from Chicago immediately fell in love and that bond was only stronger when she met Token. And the feeling was mutual – sweet little baby just glowed in her mom’s arms. Home she went and met her two brothers, Milo a Wire Fox Terrier and Oliver a little Pom with the same collapsed trachea condition that she has. They both loved her too, especially Milo who was mesmerized and thought she was a mini Milo. They both had fun showing Token around the fenced yard. Marian’s father is in a nursing home close by and she usually brings Oliver with for the daily visit. This time it was Token’s turn and everyone just fell for her including dad. She enjoyed all the attention too. She is such a remarkably sweet and wonderful little girl who is now a happy one again. Marian will probably keep her name as she does respond to it but call her Toki for short. It is another gorgeous record breaking day here in Chicago . . . sunny and warm which is not our February but we will enjoy it. I am sure these three will be out and about enjoying this weather and their new family and life. Congratulations Token, Marian, Milo & Oliver!
Our awesome guy Max scored a wonderful home and awesome new life. Max went home to Illinois with Sharon and Denver. They were so excited and Max felt the same. He gave Sharon lots of kisses. He will be a perfect fit for this family. Max is a busy boy but also a calm sweet lover boy who will love having all the Toys, Food and attention. On Sat night Sharon had cancelled plans to attend a group dinner party with friends. She didnt want to leave Max so decided to stay home. Her friends called and asked her to please just bring Max for a visit everyone wanted to meet him. Max turned out to be the life of the party. He loved everyone had so much fun then went home and jumped in bed with his new mom. On Sunday he met and played with his neighbor dog. They had fun but when it was over he was ready to join Sharon in the house. He is happy, adjusting and doing well. He is really missed here Max came to me with a very heavy load of Heartworm so I nursed him through all of that, including keeping him quiet and spending so much time in a crate. He couldn't run, play or get excited. It was a long 60 days. We made it though then he had to have 2 growths removed and sent in to pathology but wonderful news they came back benign. Max is in perfect health now all his vet work is behind him. Max had a hard life in his first home not abused but I feel he was sorely neglected. Those days are all behind him. He has awesome new mom and dad. Your Iowa friends will miss you Max. Big thanks to all our awesome helpers who made it possible to get Max from Arkansas to Iowa. Love all of you :-) Mission accomplished we did it again. Thank You Mary Sweic for doing our home visit. Congratulations Max Sharon and Denver.
Stephie left today for her Forever Home in Leawood KS. Congratulations Tim and Valerie for making the 6 hour drive to Iowa. I know Stephie will be a loved and treasured member of your family. Stephie's new name is going to be Mia or Ivy this was still being decided when they left for home with the new baby. Stephie will have a lovely home with a big fenced yard. A new family who has time to spoil her but also give her the training she needs to become a good Foxie. Everyone was so excited it really made my day. I feel certain she has a wonderful home with a happy life ahead. The house is quiet tonight with the babies gone but Cupid and Candy are really coming out of their shell :-) Mission accomplished with the babies now on to the next Project. Stay tuned. Valerie promised to send pictures and updates on our baby. I am sure going to miss her sweet face and kisses.
It was finally Ellie’s big day and she needed time to pack all her belongings too – outfits, beds, blankets and especially all her beloved balls! Ellie was obsessed with playing ball and fetch and her new mom and dad are thrilled to continue the tradition. Steven and Susan from Flat Rock, Michigan were so ready to love another terrier and give them the best life. Their Scottie Henry had a rough last few years with Diabetes, severe allergies and also Cushings. Because of their diligent care, their vet said he lived 2 years longer than normal and they were grateful for that time. When they arrived in Louisville, Ellie was waiting to greet them and gave them both kisses after they came in the house. She showed them her “stuff” and had a great time playing with them. Now Betty and Richard had fallen in love with their beautiful foster girl, keeping her all pretty and groomed and always with a fresh stock of balls. They are missing their princess but also know she will have a wonderful life and home in Michigan. A lovely fenced yard, a mom who is home all the time – which was important for Ellie as she has some separation sadness. Susan is also a master baker with a specialty of cakes so we know who her helper and batter licker will be in the kitchen. Thank you Betty and Richard for the phenomenal foster job once again and for loving Miss Ellie deeply. Thank you Barb Cole for doing yet another Michigan home visit! Have a great life Ellie, Susan and Steven!