LONDON was cradled by WFTRM Chicago along with her brother Leeds and they were only 6 weeks old. They were two very lucky little puppies who were destined to go on to perfected homes and lives. Mary from Indianapolis, Indiana has loved and owned two Wire Fox girls – Trixie who lived for 17.5 years and Annie who lived to be 16 years. She was missing having a little girl to love and in between she also rescued an abused Westie named Elliott. When he passed her search for her next Wire Fox girl to adore is in serious motion. We have had several girls arrive since Mary had sent her Application but they were spoken for quickly. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw little London. Mary and her daughter Missy drove up for Adoption Day and it was a wonderful day and instant love and that little girl knew and gave so many kisses. Even when they were getting packed and ready for the journey back home I held little Leeds so he could say goodbye. Boy that London said get away I am going with my new family. Gotta love Wires – they have so much attitude and not into sharing. Mary is retired and her other daughter Angie lives with her and 9 year old Ruby and Puggle boy Dar. It is a nice close knit family with lots of love and attention to share and give. Her new name is now Gracie and Ruby helped pick out the name saying it was by the Grace of God that she has arrived and is theirs. In her take home bag was a pair of girlie pajamas with a lamb along with lots of pink toys and a pink blanket. I think pink is going to be Gracie’s color. She likes her brother Dar although barked in his face the first night – probably letting him know she was in town and in charge. I have had so many updates and each one is so awesome. Little Gracie runs out to the fenced yard with Dar and does her business and comes right back in for snuggles and play. They got her a little pool to have some fun with too and she runs right in and out having a blast. Everyone is so in love with their newest family member and I would say Gracie is pretty over the moon too. Looking forward to many more updates and pictures and to see Miss Gracie all grown up.
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The RESCUE JUNGLE.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in RELEASING THEM TO THEIR PERFECT ENVIRONMENT.
LEEDS arrived at WFTRM Chicago along with his sister London when they were only 6 weeks old. So tiny yet so darn smart and sassy. Baby boy loves to be cuddled and held and now he is getting his fill. Cindy and George from Northlake, Illinois had lost their Wire Fox boy Connor this year after having him since he was 7 months old. He was the light of their life and packed with so many Wire Fox traits they managed over the years. Their hearts are so heavy but also overflowing with compassion and love as their dogs are their children. Years ago they rescued a very abused shitzu girl Brianna that was abandoned in their neighborhood. They tried for months to find the owner while nursing her fragile body and mind back to health. She is a lucky little girl and now has a baby brother. His new name is Parker which suits him perfectly. Adoption day was spent taking turns who got to hold and cuddle the little baby with Cindy having to remind George – it’s my turn. Parker was fascinated by the new toy he got that sang and danced around – something tells me this toy will meet an unfortunate silencing soon. He loves to play fetch and is just eating up all the love and attention he is getting. Parker has been to visit the vet for more vaccinations and has gained a pound already! Cindy is retired and loves to bake and in fact she and George used to own a restaurant in Chicago. This darn diet - I had to turn down accepting a piece of chocolate cake or pineapple pound cake which was very difficult. I just cannot wait to see more pictures of this little man all grown up. He is so adorable and clever and everything a Wire Fox Terrier dream would be. Congratulations Leeds/Parker, Cindy and George.
CLEO has had a long journey both getting and in Rescue. She arrived in Chicago a very sick girl who was near giving up. She has overcome a great deal and has thrived but then would relapse with an issue landing her back in the hospital. She would throw up a white mucus that eventually caused her to vomit blood. The conclusion a diagnosis of allergies with a food sensitivity involved. Cleo is on a new food and with meds to coat her stomach along with some Ursidiol to clean out the sludge in her gall bladder. Now on to a fresh and wonderful life – one that will be full of pampering and attention. Larry and Jeanne from Somonauk, Illinois fell for Cleo instantly. Jeanne said there was such a strong bond she knew that she was the new little girl who needed her. They nursed their previous girls through Cushings and Heart Issues. Jeanne drove out to meet and spend time with Cleo before she was even ready to leave the nest. Little girl thought she was going with her home that day and followed her to the door. That day soon arrived and Cleo had packed up her furry blankets, outfits, grey stroller and we headed out to Somonauk. What a lovely place on a private lake – Lake Holiday. There is a super nice shaded deck where Cleo will love to lounge and watch the ducks, turtles fish and boats on the lake. And she checked out the entire house and saw where one of her donut beds was right by the window – ooh she climbed right in and staked her claim. Jeanne had already ordered her Snoozer car seat so she can take her everywhere. Cleo also spends time with Larry on the couch watching Cubs games which she manages to stay away but when her and mom are watching a Hallmark movie, she zonks out. She has met the neighbors and loved them and they loved her too. It is a peaceful and loving home where Cleo will be the princess and be so very much loved. Jeanne had an appointment with a surgeon at VCA Specialty Hospital to discuss Cleo’s leg and what the best option for her would be. He did not feel surgery to remove the leg would be necessary as she has adapted well. Cleo has had some ups and downs and landed back at the hospital with the coughing and stomach issues. There was a piece of metal discovered on one of the previous x-rays so she had a thorough ultra sound done at VCA where it was not seen. This 12 pound terrier with the strongest will to survive has landed in her dream home and I could not be happier or think of a little girl who deserved it more. She lives for going in the car and on trips and has been on many since being adopted and is a great traveller. Congratulations Cleo and thank you Jeanne & Larry for giving her the ultimate life.