Brody got a Big surprise when he realized his new mom and dad had arrived to bring him home for the Holidays. Oh and he knew they came just for him and was stuck to them like glue. His smile could not get any bigger either. Jim and Mary Jane from Elkorn, Wisconsin are terrier people with having owned an Airedale, Lakeland and Wire Fox Terriers as well as a schnauzer and a few others. Like many of us, the home was much too quiet and they wanted to laugh again. Brody was showing off with toys, how he runs in the yard and then went and stood by the front door. Hey wait a minute – it is not time for you to go yet. And before it was time, he rummaged in his big bag to make sure all his toys were packed and his new Christmas Sweater. Brody practically pulled Jim to the car and hopped right in – then took Mary Jane’s spot in the front. He was just so excited. Update on Brody and he has graciously met all the neighbors on his walk giving them a two paws greeting and kiss. Their son Mitchell lives a couple doors down and came over to meet Brody and was given paws on the shoulders and tons of kisses. He has been the best boy and has brought so much joy to their home and life again. Brody is so smart and already found a bone they had bought for him and snarfed it. Jim and Mary Jane are weekly square dancers and wonder if they will teach Brody one or two steps. He loves his big fenced yard and when one is on the couch, he hops up and snuggles and then if the other come in to watch television – he has to go over and give them some loving. This is one happy Wire Fox boy who is Home for the Holidays! Congratulations Brody, Jim and Mary Jane.
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The Garden of Rescue.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in planting them in the right Garden.
Brandy is just Fine and Dandy. She arrived with her brother Brody and although it was initial intentions to place them together, it was apparent they would be so much happier in their own homes. This was especially true for Brandy . . . the Queen of it’s all about me and everything is Mine. Tony and Cathy from Kaukauna, Wisconsin are very experienced with that terrier attitude. They have owned 2 Kerry Blue Terriers and 3 Wire Fox Terriers. Waiting for that right one to arrive has been hard but feel they won the lottery and are over the moon thrilled with welcoming Brandy to their family. During our updates, Cathy would be talking to me on the phone about how amazing Brandy is and as though she has lived there for years. Then Tony grabs the phone and says this is the best Wire Fox Terrier and she is so gorgeous to boot. I was so touched by the photos of great niece Katelyn coming to meet Brandy and bringing a special card and treat for her. Huge smiles. Brandy went home with a huge bag of toys which is her obsession and right now her favorite is the pig that goes oink oink. Her new coat with the fleece lining is coming in handy as they have had some snow in Kaukauna. She seems to be turning into a Daddy’s girl and following Tony everywhere. When he heads downstairs to work on his fish tanks, she is right there to be assistant. Big thanks to Mark and Barb Werth for helping make this adoption happen. This is such a fabulous Christmas Story! Congratulations Brandy, Cathy and Tony!!!
Astra, my Beautiful little Rascal found her Forever Home just in time for Christmas. This Cute Foxy little girl was so excited when Kim and Dennis arrived in Iowa, on Saturday morning. She jumped and jumped and Jumped some more with excitement. Astra knew Santa had helped make her Christmas wish come true. Dennis and Kim couldn't have been happier with their new fur daughter. They suffered the loss of 3 amazing furbabies in a short time. The house was so empty for this wonderful loving couple. They were looking for an active dog with lots of personality. I know their wish came true. Astra is a perfect girl for them. She loves walks, Fetch and chasing squirrels and prey in the backyard then at night is perfectly happy to snuggle in and have lots of love. Astra is finally Home Thanks Nonie for doing our visit. Congratulations Dennis and Kim !!! Merry Christmas
Lucy is Home for Christmas and she is in her Glory as an only dog getting all the attention. She was not happy sharing her place with two other dogs and her original owners made the loving decision to bring her to WFTRM. Audrey and Steve from Oakland, California have had two Wire Fox Terriers. King and then Sophie who lived to be 17 years. Wires are so special to them and knew they had to open their hearts and home to another. While out and about they would see one and then have to meet the dog and talk to the owner. They were beyond excited and when they saw Lucy – both knew she was the one. Her new name is LuLu and between getting belly rubs, playing with her ball and going to walks in the park and just about everywhere that Audrey and Steve go – this tiny little girl could not have gotten a better Christmas present. So happy for everyone and in seeing dreams come true. Thank you Audrey and Steve for going the distance with WFTRM and giving LuLu a wonderful life. I am sure she will not miss the snow and cold here in Chicago. Happy Holidays!!!
Here is Miss Bedazzle who has found her forever home. Dazz is now Abby and she has moved all the way to Canandaigua,New York. Abby has come a Long way Baby from a bedraggled little girl, there to have puppies with a breeder, to the Queen in her castle. Stephen and Cathy flew to Iowa on Friday so they could get here early to meet their new baby. She raced around the yard happily teasing Cathy to come and play. She loved the walks Stephen took her on and begged for more. Walking is one of her favorite pastimes. I had an update and they arrived back in NY today. Abby traveled well but refused to sleep in her crate at the Motel Hmmm maybe she has other plans for sleeping arrangements? She is a Foxie girl you know. Stephen and Cathy were here once before to adopt little Lucy who sadly passed away from cancer at 13. Congratulations Stephen, Cathy and Abby Enjoy your life together.
WFTRM Chicago had a special adoption day on Friday. Tokyo is heading to his forever home for the New Year to Grand Junction, Colorado. Charles and Kelley his new mom and dad flew into Chicago and rented a car for the drive home with their new little boy. They were so ready for that new Wire Fox to love again and the excitement of having to wait until after Christmas was building. They have owned and lost Henry and Lenny – two very lively Wire Fox characters so Tokyo has some shoes to fill. I do believe he has accomplished stealing their hearts already before even making it back to Colorado. Tokyo is so sweet, charming and handsome he had Kelley and Charles at Hello and sure was smitten with them. He as with all other fosters knew they were his and there for him. His big bag of “stuff” was ready which he inspected to make sure it was all there. Phoebe, Freckles and Fabio got to greet Charles and Kelly and wish their friend a wonderful new life. There was some showing off in the yard and then time to get his matching coat on and load up the car. Fabio was a bit miffed that Tokyo is a bit faster than him during chase. The weather was very snowy and cold which made good car cuddling on their way West. He has a new official name and it is Artie! They wanted to give him a musically inspired name since Charles is an orchestra conductor so his full name would be Arturo as in Arturo Toscanini, the famous conductor. Artie adores belly rubs and he got his fill at the hotel room the first night. He was so good in the hotel and had fun jumping from one bed to the other – he is like a gazelle when running! Artie is a dream Wire and went from trying to survive on the streets of Chicago in a scary area to being the center of attention and a very much loved and belly rubbed boy. Looking forward to many updates and pictures. Congratulations Artie/Tokyo, Charles & Kelley!!!
Baby Oliver has been adopted !! Yesterday was a snowing blowy cold day in Iowa but his new mom Susan flew into Des Moines to pick up her new baby boy. What a blustery day for a trip to or from the Airport. We decided to meet her plane, 2 accidents along the way delayed our arrival but we made it there in plenty of time. Susan was anxiously waiting so excited her face showed pure delight when she saw Oliver and I standing there looking for her. The pictures tell the story a Very happy mom and Puppy. Susan lives in Atlanta GA and has has owned Wires before. She is retired and has an awesome big fenced yard. Plenty of time to play, teach and spoil little Oliver. Susan was so excited to bring home a new baby for the new year. Oliver is such a fun, sweet little rascal. He terrorized all the big Wires here so they were happy when he packed his new belongings, jumped in his carrier and hit the road. Sky the Irish Terrier adored him Jolie and Feliz seemed to enjoy him too. I wish little Ollie and his new mom the Best. Congratulations Susan and Oliver Happy New Year!