Kaylee has crafted the perfect Rescue and now her ideal home. Once abandoned on the streets in horrible condition she was a tiny trooper who stole our hearts. She is still on the mend from her ordeal but Allen and Mary from Oswego, Illinois fell in love with her darling little face. So we took a drive and Kaylee got to christen the new front seat Snoozer seat and loved it. She loves to go in the car and was smiling the entire way. Her purple fur blanket and unicorns were all packed and she made sure of it. Now Allen got a taste of the smaller terrier but bigger attitude. He first raised 4 Airedales from puppies and their last boy was a Welsh Terrier called Tonka. They went in the canoe together and all kinds of adventures and sadly he passed a year ago of Leukemia. He mentioned his Airedales would come up and hold out their paw for their toenail clipping. Well not Tonka . . . after nailing his hand it took a muzzle and holding down to attempt to do his nails. He was a sturdy fellow too so when Kaylee came bopping inside and he picked her up – she is as light as a feather. His back will thank him for this lighter fare. Kaylee nosed around the entire house and made friends instantly. She checked out the dog bowls and then the view of the Fox River. Oh but that view quickly changed to the squirrels who like to visit the deck. She is a stare down kind of girl and made sure he saw her. Checking in brought funny and heartwarming news. At night before turning in Kaylee likes to sleep on Allen’s chest while watching television. She wants to turn in when they turn in. There is a big workshop outside and she heads out with Dad and sits on a cushioned chair and just watches his every move. While inspecting her yard she discovered some goose droppings, sniffed and then straddled them and gave them a tinkle. Kaylee says this is my yard and my home now. She has staked her claim and I could not be happier and thankful for Allen and Mary and welcoming a tiny senior girl who will give them back tenfold in return. They travel out my way often and plan on stopping by for a visit which I am so looking forward to. Have a terrific summer Kaylee!
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The Garden of Rescue.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in planting them in the right Garden.
  Another adorable little Wire Boy has found a Forever Home. This time its sweet silly Kobe. He needed a home with a family who has experience with this breed and plenty of time to play with him. A huge fenced area and another dog to play with is also a Big Plus. Along came Gail and Mel and their little Wire Fox Lili Pronounced LeLe, since Mel is from Hawaii they try to use Hawaiian names. I am not sure if Kobe will get a new name or not. I have had one update since they left and Friday and all is well. Mel and Gail have had several wires over the years and sadly lost their boy so LiLi needed a new brother. They saw Kobe fell in love and drove all the way to Iowa from Greeley CO. LiLi and Kobe seemed to really like each other. Mel and Gail were so happy when they met Kobe. He is such a handsome boy and he loved them Kisses all around. Gail was so happy to have a little boy Wire who loves to snuggle. Kobe loves a lap and will cuddle as long as you sit and hold him. I am so happy for my sweet handsome boy. Congratulations to ALL of you
Teddy is the most adorable Lakeland Terrier boy whose name fits him to a Tee. He was surrendered to Animal Control in Miami in September 2016. A WFTRM supporter and friend Pam had sprung him and fell in love. Sadly she had some serious back surgery recently and could no longer care for this darling fellow and called me with the news. Enter JoAnne Bates who spent her Easter Sunday driving to meet Pam’s son who had been watching Teddy to pick him up. His playtime with the Airedales was short lived as his new mom Barb from Gulf Breeze, Florida had been waiting in the wings to adopt a Wire Fox Terrier or Lakeland. Barb had her Application in my file for quite some time. She lost her Wire Fox boy Birch at 16.5 years old in the fall of 2016 – almost the same time Teddy was dropped off at Animal Control. She had to put adoption dreams on hold when she accepted another short term contract job which she had done to keep busy while waiting for her next terrier. One look at Teddy and she was in love. He is quirky little fellow who has an OCD with H2O – lawn sprinklers, hoses and even the shower. He loves cuddling, people, going in the car and being with someone makes him so happy. He is settling in his wonderful new home where he has met all the neighbors who now adore him as well. It did not take him long to find his favorite window or nap spots. Teddy is a tiny Lakie boy who is 8 years old and has a great life ahead with walks on the beach, out and about around town, travelling and most of all – lots of cuddling and snuggling. Lucky Lakeland and his new mom Barb!
BARNEY sure brought on the charm when his new family arrived to meet and adopt him. He is such a sweet and loving big fella who just wants that forever and safe home. Kent and Diane from Fox Point, Wisconsin drove down to Chicago along with Ruby the Airedale and Grandma who is 92 years young! It was instant love for Ruby and Barney and he also seems to attach himself to his new dad as well. It really was a match made in heaven and everyone including Grandma enjoyed getting the Wheaten Greetin. Barney put on his harness and was ready – he went and stood by the front door waiting to go! They drove home with Diane sandwiched in between Aire and Wheat bread which was a mighty cozy combo. His new name was chosen and it will be Dusty. He has been doing a lot of bonding with cuddling and snuggling. Sunday morning he was ready for some fun and he and Ruby played a big of tug and when Dusty managed to get the toy . . . he took off running with Ruby in hot pursuit. It was a joy to watch the two having such a good time and enjoying each other. Ruby may be 9 years old but she has some Aire antics she needs to show Dusty. It will be a wonderful summer hanging out on the deck and playing in the fenced yard. Going for walks Kent and Diane will surely get noticed with two of the cutest terriers in town. So happy for this boy who almost fell through the cracks in finding that perfect place for him to be a big happy Wheaten. What a wonderful family – Congratulations Barney/Dusty, Kent, Diane & Ruby!
Elsie the Welsh Terrier is another adorable senior terrier who needed a forever home. When her mom passed away, she went to live with the daughter and all was fine until she decided to not like the Airedale and Schnoodle who lived there. The tiny little sprite then arrived at WFTRM in Chicago. Jerry and Diane from Greendale, Wisconsin were shattered when their Wire Fox girl Chelsey succumbed to the vestibular disease she had struggled with for years. Their home was way too quiet and their hearts had so much love to give. I told them about Elsie’s arrival, showed them her picture and it was love at first sight. This little girl can now continue to be the Diva she was meant to be – the only pampered princess. She goes in the car, goes for walks, follows the sun puddles from the skylight to take her naps and hops up on any open lap she sees. She began by scattering her toys everywhere, taking charge of the home and showing Jerry and Diane she still has that mischievous spunk even at 10 years old. She has tried to sneak food off the table and knows how to work her charm by talking and whimpering to all visitors to play with her. Elsie is a very happy girl and has made their home so joyful. They wrote and said they can tell she is completely settled by that terrier swagger she has walking in the neighborhood. No one can believe she is 10 years old come June! And she is the most adorable little Welshie you cannot help but smile and accept all those kisses she gives. Life is complete and wonderful now for all three. Congratulations Elsie, Jerry and Diane.