Bentley is bound for the biggest State with the biggest Smile on his face to match. His new Dads, Lee and Kevin from Carrollton, Texas drove all the way to Chicago to meet and bring home their new little boy. To say he was excited to see them would be an understatement as he ran right over to Kevin and kissed him non-stop for 10 minutes! These Wires know when their new family has arrived and it is so heartwarming to watch every time. Bentley was overly happy and what a thrill to get such a warm welcome. Fabio had to get involved in his celebration by being a copy cat and getting on the counters and desk. He made sure to make Lee feel the love too and cuddled on his lap. Bentley was beside himself and was glued to them making sure they did not leave without him. He showed off his running skills in the yard, how patient he was with Fabio being bossy and jumped up and down when it was time to put on his harness and head out the door. Bentley made sure that Lee grabbed his big bag of toys, food and “stuff”. Kevin and Lee have had 3 Wire Fox Terriers. They still have their girl Bella who will be his big sister. She was missing her WFT brother Rico when he passed several months ago. Bentley will now fill that void and play tug and chase with her. Besides being so loved and pampered, wait until Bentley sees the swimming pool as he just loves water and getting wet. I wonder if he will learn to float on the raft. The update so far is that he loved the hotel on the way back and has been a pretty good traveler snoozing in his seat. Cannot wait to see pictures of Bentley and Bella. So over the moon for this young, energetic sweet boy and his new fabulous life. Congratulations Bentley, Lee, Kevin & Bella!!
Fiona had a great home until she grew up and decided her Wire Fox brother was not welcome in the home. She is a lovely little typical Wire Fox girl who just needs to be the one and only. Joe and Gloria from Bradenton, Florida had lost their Airedale Blarney and then their Welsh Terrier Tug Boat Annie – both so special they needed a new terrier to fill the void. They immediately fell in love with Fiona and everything about her and knew she was the one. And she will have the time of her life too with a mom and dad devoted to just her, tons of attention, travel and spending time at their second home in Georgia and Dad has a big boat that she already loves to be his co-captain on. When Joe and Gloria arrived, she just knew it was all about her. The reception was beyond excitement and it took awhile to calm her down. No way they were leaving without their precious little Fiona. Huge thanks to Shawn and Gail for loving this little girl, working with her and wanting that perfect home for her and to JoAnne for doing the home visit. Congratulations Fiona, Joe and Gloria!
My adorable Poppy has finally found a fabulous forever home. She has been here with me waiting patiently for that perfect place to call home. Along came an application from a rescue friend who adopted before about 8 years ago. Cindy has been to Iowa before to adopt an adorable boy named Zippy. Zippy's death from cancer, left a sadness that took a long while to heal. Cindy,Mark and Chase felt they are ready to fill their life and home with another Rescued Foxy . Cindy has always had a Wire Fox in her life since childhood. Poppy will love all the attention, walks with Chase, who is 15 and a family who is home most of the time to pamper their new princess. Poppy came from a very sad situation. Her foster home in Iowa has prepared her for a loving home. I think it was the first time she had good food, her own big bed, treats and squeaky toys especially balls and grooming. She learned so much here and we love her. Happy-sad to see her move off to Virginia, especially for our little Granddaughter Gabby. She asked to to try and have Cindy adopt a different dog. We know she is awesome hands and will be loved and have everything she will ever need. Thanks for making the long trip to Iowa again Cindy. Enjoy this precious new member of your family Congratulations you have a real Keeper
Panda was a very popular girl when she arrived at WFTRM in Chicago. In fact, everyone who helped pull her and transport her also fell in love with this precious little girl. She was unwanted by several owners and booted outside until animal control had taken her in. Panda was just perfect – she was loving, calm, sweet and adorable. She now has a home that will pamper her forever. Fred and Lorri from Landrum, South Carolina were beyond excited they were chosen for sweet pea and hopped in the car immediately to head on up for their new little girl. They lost their Welsh Terrier girl Lucy several months ago to a brain tumor and were devastated and lonely for another terrier to love. Panda knew just like all the other fosters that they had arrived just for her. She turned on her pretty smile and nudged her leash and made sure her big bag of goodies was not forgotten. Her new name is now Dottie who has a mom and dad who are over the moon for her, a beautiful home and huge fenced yard, someone home all the time and will get to go everywhere they go. She rode home like a dream and is just the best little girl Lorri wrote. And she knows way more tricks than just the paw and shake they found out. Dottie was so tickled to show them off to all her new family members too. What a great happy ending for Dottie/Panda, Fred and Lorri and their entire family! Congratulations!
Reebie says Bye to her foster home in Iowa and Hello to an awesome life with Vicki and Lori. Reebie will be called Riley and she will have the Life of Riley with two mom's, a beautiful home, large fenced yard and all the love she can handle. Lori and Vicki lost their precious little Wire girl Tori recently and felt it is time to love another. Then they saw Reebie and knew she was the one. They also loved Murphy and Poppy and everyone loved them back. I suspect they are true dog lovers and the Foxies all know when someone special is here to adopt. Reebie was so happy and claimed them right away it's so funny how they know. Another Perfect match!!! I couldn't be happier for this new family. Thanks for making the trip. Enjoy your new baby. I can't wait to hear all the Happy Tails.
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