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where we will feature our current adoption news and going home pictures. This page will change often with our most recently Rescued Wire Fox Terriers finding their perfect Forever Homes. We would love to showcase all of our success stories but this page would never end and we would love for you to get a chance to visit all the other pages of our Website.
Abracadabra . . . Watch the magic occur when you give a rescue comfort and love. WFTRM is very fortunate to have a dedicated group who sacrifice their time, home, transport assistance and help to make the magic happen.
A special little Wire Fox girl packed all her belongings – and there was a lot to pack! – and is now in her wonderful new home. Layla was everything to her mom Sheri and the two were well known in the terrier community on Facebook. She has some genetic conditions with her rear legs for one and that is probably why her mom chose her and loved her so very much. Very sadly Sheri passed away suddenly and Layla went to live with her ex-husband. He loved her very much and felt a responsibility to care for her but his life was not what Layla was used to. Travelling months at a time for work was not something she would like at all and he could see that. So darling little Layla went to live with WFTRM members and foster home - Shawn and Gail in North Carolina. Home State of Miss Layla as well and who was the biggest Tarheel Fan. Knowing the wishes of her dad on a new home for her, we chose to not post her on our Website or Petfinder. Layla stayed with Shawn for a month getting to know all the other dogs and feeling more at ease. The rescue angels above work their magic. Bill and Janis from Fairview, North Carolina had adopted their Ella from WFTRM travelling up to Chicago to adopt her. She was their love but was diagnosed with Lymphoma and passed away – breaking their hearts. Having had a Wire Fox Terrier for 40 years they could not envision their lives without one. Both are now retired teachers and musicians and have all the time and love to give to another adorable little girl. And they also happen to be big Tarheel fans too! Layla was sporting her Tarheel collar and other apparel and was very thrilled on Adoption Day. A very cute thing happened on the way back to Fairview – they were driving and here pops Layla’s face in between them as if to say – and now I make three for this happy family! So darn cute. Janis reports she had to explore the entire house – probably figure out where to stash her bags and bags of toys. She said Layla is an angel, sleeps until 7:30 a.m., puts herself to bed and is just the best girl ever. She travels well in the car and loves being the center of attention. Sheri would be pleased that her little girl is happy and living a fabulous life. Congratulations Layla, Bill and Janis!
When Lexi’s first owner moved and could not take her with, she went to live with her new mom in Maine. She was so loved and well cared for but there was one hitch. Lexi did not like the resident female Wire Fox and preferred as most Wire girls to be queen and get all the attention. So grateful that Sandy contacted WFTRM for help in finding her that only dog home. Judy and Jim from Palm Harbor, Florida lost their Welsh boy Tinley and were ready for another terrier to love. They had their Application in with WFTRM and waiting for the right one and they liked Lexi. When they say “move mountains to get to” – that is exactly what Judy and her son Nathan did. From flight delays to flight cancellations, hotels booked up and their rental car fiasco – it all actually worked out fine in the end. Judy and Nathan stayed with Sandy and got to bond with Lexi before making the long journey by car back to Florida. She was an awesome traveler they said and just the best behaved. They made a stop at daughter Christine’s on the way home who was just as excited to meet the new family member. Lexi has made herself right at home, spreading out the toys, finding a comfy spot on the couch and helping dad in the yard biting the hose water to make sure it’s working for him. Zipping after squirrels and something new to her – lizards! which will be no time and she will be cathing. She loves going for 3 mile walks early in the morning on the bike trail. So much to do and see – life is so much fun. Lexi has a nice fenced in yard, a swimming pool
she is itching to get into and a family who is
treating her like a princess. And she is
getting all the attention and glory.
Congratulations Lexi, Judy, Jim, Nathan & Christine!
Rugby was adopted !!!. Chris and Bob were here in 2002 and adopted a young male named Joey. Joey passed away a short time ago, at age 15. Chris is a stay at home mom and she and Joey were best friends. His death was very hard for her to deal with, plus coming back to the same house for another dog really was difficult and emotional. They gave Joey and awesome life. He had a beautiful home and a fenced yard any Fox Terrier would love. He took trips, bicycle rides in his special cart, car rides wherever his family went and was a beloved member of the family. They saw Rugbys picture, read his Bio and debated on if they were ready? Bob called a few times to talk to me then he and Chris decided it was time. They knew Rugby would be perfect and they were certain Joey would approve plus Rugby needed a home. The best tribute to a well loved dog is to get another one of the same breed and it had to be a rescue dog. Rugby fit all they were looking for. Their home was easily approved so they came last week to meet him. Once they met my adorable guy and he snuggled on Bob's lap they knew they had found another handsome Foxy to love. Rugby went home with them and it has been perfect. He fits in so well and is bringing untold Joy to his new mom and dad. Rugby loves the long bike rides on the trails near their home. He loves laps and snuggle time but also has mischief to keep them busy and entertained. He is going to obedience class too. He is not as independent as Joey and is different in many ways but he is a True Fox Terrier and they adore him already. Congratulations Chris,Bob and Rugby Thank You for giving another Rescue Foxy a truly blessed life.
Happy News from Iowa. Our adorable little Emily has a pawfect Forever home. Congratulations Mary and Mark and thank you for adopting my sweet, funny girl. Emily has a new name for her new life. Mary has named her Mrs. Wiggins and loves her beyond words. In Mary's words " Mrs Wiggins is getting more and more relaxed each day. She will nap in her little bed right after she shakes the dickens out of it. She also naps very close to us if we are sitting in the living room. She has her terrier moments and we find them very entertaining! She is learning her limits well and is very good learner (little bites at a time) We have lots of play time and she really enjoys the one on one interaction!" Mrs. Wiggins is also house trained and walks like a pro on a leash, even allows other dogs to go past her without reaction. She enjoys watching the deer, bunnies and wildlife on the trails near her home in Ames Iowa. Mary enjoys running and hopes to make her new companion a running buddy too. People who will adopt and love an 8 year old former kennel dog, who has spent her life producing puppies, are amazing people. They have a level of love and compassion needed to simply adopt and enjoy that baby for as long as possible. There has never been a sweeter, happier little Foxie really deserving of her new life. I am so happy WFTRM found Emily and The Spice Girls all 3 are adorable wonderful girls. HUGE thanks to all of our volunteers for helping make this all happen. Mrs. Wiggins Thanks you too.
It is Sugar and Spice and all things Nice for the beautiful Spice Girls. Nutmeg and Ginger were adopted to a fabulous home. Their puppy mill past is behind them and these Welsh Sisters will be so pampered. Their new mom Kathy loves terriers. She had a Welsh and most recently had two schnauzers Digger and Chloe who she adored. She lost Chloe last December to cancer and her home has been very empty and quiet. Her good friend Alice that she has known for 33 years also has Wire Fox Joey and Welsh Frank-e, both from WFTRM. Kathy was drawn to the Spice Girls and decided it was time and they needed a home and that it should be with her in Cary, Illinois. So the day arrived and out ran the girls onto the deck to meet Kathy and Alice. Ginger needs time to warm up to new people but Nutmeg is right on your lap. We had a good time laughing cause it was hard to tell the girls apart. It was only a short bit later that here comes Ginger and gave Kathy’s leg a lick. My happy, smiling with the tails always wagging darling little girls were ready for their new home and adventures. They loaded up their large bag of toys, their beds, their matching flamingo blankets and put on their pink harnesses. They are settling in well, enjoy exploring Kathy’s back fenced yard and have their toys spread out all over her living room already. Oh I am missing these girls and the love that pours out of them. I am over the moon thrilled they have such an amazing home, mom and will be so loved and cherished. This is what rescue and adoption is all about. Thank you Kathy for seeing the joy of these two special girls and not make their age the priority. Congratulations Nutmeg, Ginger and Kathy!
Remember Our little Sprite, bossy Girl Bonnie? She lived as a pampered princess all of her life, then along came competition from a Human Baby sister. Well Bonnie didn't handle that well. Her 1st mom and dad loved her very much, She had the best care, pampering, and was so loved but they couldn't risk her biting the baby and she tried several times. Bonnie is now in a perfect forever home, very similar to her first home, minus a baby sister. She now has 2 Big Brothers who also enjoy spoiling foxy girls like Bonnie. Bill, Terri and 2 sons had a beloved Wire named Zoe for 15 years. She was with them every moment of the day as Bonnie will be. Zoe died in 2015 and they just couldn't stand living any longer without another Foxy girl to love. The house was just never the same, then along came Bonnie's picture and profile in Iowa. Perfect match once again !!! Will and Melissia met Bill and Terri to introduce Miss Bonnie. Love at first sight, long story short Miss Bonnie has landed another awesome home. She is not only adorable but also very lucky. All four of her favorite Humans are very much in touch and part of her life. A Win Win for everyone. Bonnie now lives in St. Paul,MN. Bill and Terri could not be happier. Bonnie has filed their life with Joy laughter and all kinds of Foxy entertainment. She has been a very good girl. Bonnie has adjusted and fit in as though she has always lived there. Ahhhhh Life is Good :-) Four happy humans and One pampered Foxy Girl what could be better than this Thanks everyone for Loving Miss Bonnie.