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where we will feature our current adoption news and going home pictures. This page will change often with our most recently Rescued Wire Fox Terriers finding their perfect Forever Homes. We would love to showcase all of our success stories but this page would never end and we would love for you to get a chance to visit all the other pages of our Website.
Abracadabra . . . Watch the magic occur when you give a rescue comfort and love. WFTRM is very fortunate to have a dedicated group who sacrifice their time, home, transport assistance and help to make the magic happen.
WFTRM Chicago has another happy adoption story to share. Edison had a rough start to rescue needing a cystotomy for bladder stones and dental surgery. He is healed and ready for any and all adventures in his forever home in St. Louis. Jim and Linda have been very active team members of WFTRM for as long as we can remember and have owned so many Wire Fox Terriers over the years. They lost their Jack months ago and all was just way too quiet. Doing the overnights and transports were not helping and they needed a Wire Fox of their own. Edison was just their type, fun and loving and very well mannered. And it really was love at first sight and an invite to Linda to play tug clinched the deal. Edison came from a home with no fenced yard and where he was crated for 10 hours a day. He is so excited each brand new day to bound out to his new fenced yard and chase away the squirrels, a retired mom and dad (choosing whose lap he will be napping on that day), getting lots and lots of toys (which he has managed to desqueakerize in no time), learning to walk nice on a leash and going for long walks and loving his forever home. He now answers to the name Eddie and 9 out of 10 times comes rushing in when called which is a nice trait! Jim and Linda were familiar with the urinary SO diet as Jack was on the same and Eddie seems to wolf his down without pickiness. Such a good boy he is or as Jim and Linda wrote . . . This boy is Marvelous! So happy for Eddie and looking forward to all the stories and pictures and updates and lucky fellow gets to go to the Wire Fox reunions held there in St. Louis. Congratulations Eddie, Jim & Linda.
Tiny Lakeland Terrier Gwen had a Big Adoption Day with a Great Home! Mark and Michele from Des Plaines, Illinois had recently lost their beloved Welsh boy Derby. Their Wire Fox Daisy who is adopted from WFTRM is a former puppy mill girl rescued from southern Indiana and they have devoted years of patience and love to overcome her insecurities and shyness. Gwen is going to need all this patience, love and guidance as well and they were up to the challenge. She did prance around all 10 pounds of her showing off and looking all cute. Irresistible she is and Daisy is so adorable these two are going to be very popular. It is usually not a good combo with two girl terriers but being both puppy mill girls and submissive, shy and laid back they will learn so much from each other and the tremendous care and love given to them. Her new name is Lola and the two enjoy hanging out together in the yard, by the window and sharing toys. Mark and Michele got the biggest smiles when they saw Lola take a toy from the basket and was bouncing and shaking it around. She so wants to be a pet and part of the family. She is doing very well going for walks, watching Daisy and getting in the groove. Lola is loving her forever home and just so grateful to Mark and Michele for choosing rescue and the dedication to these Wires who need the TLC and training. Congratulations Gwen/Lola, Mark, Michele and Daisy!
The handsome prancing Lakeland boy Scotch celebrated his Adoption Day and was on his way to a wonderful new life. Leaving his puppy mill past behind and on to being pampered and loved and treated as a family member. Fred and Jane drove to Chicago from Fredrick, Maryland to meet and greet their new love Scotch. They originated from an area in England where Lakies are quite the love of the land and this boy just stole their hearts. Fred put the pedal to the metal in their Mini Cooper and arrived in record time. He got right on the floor and gave Scotch a warm hug and rubbing. Scotch immediately took to the both of them and he knew they had come just for him. Along for the ride and to meet his brother was Chumley who they adopted from me years ago. He is quite the character and has been featured in our Calendar several times already. He is easy going and was looking forward to having a buddy. Scotch had the biggest bag of toys that needed to be loaded as well as blankets and goodies. They made it home to Maryland and things are going so swell. Scotch has learned to walk on a leash thanks to following his pal Chumley. He once froze when putting on a harness or leash and now trotting along like a champ. He sleeps on the bed, rests his head on Chum and is very content with his forever home. Everyone in the neighborhood and town are so smitten with Chumley, now there will be two boys in town that will be turning heads. I am sure we will be seeing Scotch in one of our future Calendars! Congratulations Scotch, Fred, Jane & Chumley!
Addison has an Airedale brother and a fabulous new life and home. She was an owner surrender who had some drastic life changes which was upsetting to Addison. She is a darling who is the happiest little girl now in her forever home in Mundelein, Illinois. Kathy and Jim had adopted Greta from the Ten Tiny Terriers a puppy mill rescue. She was the poor little girl who could not stand up as her legs were matted together and she also spent a long time in the animal hospital with a respiratory infection. It was her last years with them that were filled with love and care but sadly it was not meant to before long. Greta was soon diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and she passed away this past winter. Jordan the Airedale needed another Wire Fox sister and Kathy needed a little girl to love and cuddle. Addison fits that mold perfectly. The meet and greet was like they have known each other all along. It was a beautiful day and the dogs had fun in the yard and even Fabio had to get in on the action. Kathy reported they are so very happy with their new girl and even sent a photo where Addison has found all the sunning spots already to take her naps. Jordan is always happy but now has a pal so he is delighted as well. So thrilled for everyone especially little Addison who loves lots of attention and company. Congratulations Addison, Jim, Kathy & Jordan.