WINSTON had a whirlwind adoption day – one he was so very excited for. He had a bucket list of wants – being an only dog getting all the attention, lots of love, belly rubs and fun adventures. Well he got his perfect match with Steve and Jane from Evanston, Illinois. It was 10 years ago that Steve had adopted Buddy from me and Jane joined them shortly after with Buddy giving his approval. They worked with his anxieties and quirks, loved him and pampered him deeply and after fighting his cancer, it was much too aggressive and took him to the bridge. Their emotions were still raw from this loss but having an empty house was unbearable. They first came to meet Winston the previous Sunday and he poured on the charm – jumping in their laps and giving kisses. They went home and prepared for his arrival and Winston actually cried when they left. But Steve and Jane returned that Friday and he was over the top excited. Running zoomies from one end of the deck, down the bridge and back. He showed mom how to bite the hose, got himself good and wet and curly and then went in the yard and rolled in some mulch! He has a new name and it is very regal – Winston Augustine Zip Lawicky de Torres. But they will call him Augie for short. They had his new identification tag all ready for him and put it on him before they left. A lovely green that shouted AUGIE. He has settled in his new home the first day, trying out his new big bed, checking out his toys and inspecting every nook and cranny of his house and the perimeter of his fenced yard. This very active young boy has his the lottery of homes and is going to have a fabulous life. He is keeping his eyes glued on his mom and dad for now to make sure this is all real and believe me Augie, it is and we are so happy for you and for Steve and Jane. Looking forward to many updates and pictures and featuring you in our WFTRM Calendar!
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The rescue circus.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in RELEASING THEM TO THEIR PERFECT big top of their dreams.
 Whoa Happy Day for the happiest Boy I know. Zane landed an awesome home with prior adopters in Bothell WA. Tom and Kim with Standard Poodle Gracie invited Zane to join their family. This is a perfect home for my Zany Zane and he is a Zany fellow. Kim has the patience, huge love of this breed, understanding and enjoys every crazy moment. She is home all the time, has a beautiful safe yard, private doggie park time and knows how to keep her baby happy. Kim has had a Wire in her life for years Nick and then Nuppie. She adopted her beloved Nuppie from me in 09 sadly Nuppie left in April and the grief was almost unbearable. She saw Zane with his huge smile sad past and reached out to say he is the one. I am thrilled for Zane because I know she is right. He will love to romp, play and snuggle with Gracie. Zane will bring smiles, laughter and Joy to this home maybe Nuppie sent him? Zane was one of 3 wires surrendered to a shelter. He smiles and brings joy loves everyone even though I suspect he didn't have the most wonderful care in his first home. That's all behind him now because he is a #1 priority in this home. Gunther and Jaycie sent him off on his new adventure but I suspect Gunther would love to have gone along. Jaycie is busy with her last baby. so all is well in this foster home but they anxiously await their turn at a Forever home filled with Love and Laughter

RANGER is now patrolling the streets and neighborhoods of LaGrange, Illinois with his Forever mom and Dad, Mark and Laura. They became totally smitten with him an even more so after spending some time with him. They have had many Wires over the years – their last pair was Nick and Nora and when Nora passed they adopted Ginger from WFTRM. Sadly she passed away in October 2018. They were taking some time to grieve and after getting to know Ranger, they knew they were ready. His actual adoption day was on their Thirty Fourth Wedding Anniversary which they have renamed . . . Thirty Fur Anniversary in honor of Ranger joining the family. It seemed rather meant to be too as both their sons are in the military and one is a Ranger. Ranger is a tall handsome, stately fellow with the most laid back loving personality. Laura is just so proud of him on their walks – he just prances right by her side as if in the show ring. He greets every dog and person with a tail wag and happy hello. A little different than Ginger who was a typical Wire Fox girl who was in charge and ready to rumble with every dog. Ranger loves his blankets, hanging out with his new family and getting so much love and attention. He was quite neglected on arrival and so deserves this home and life. He ran zoomies in the back yard on adoption day he was so excited. And I got the loveliest gift from Laura . . . a handmade bracelet with a silver terrier charm and he looks like he is carrying a squirrel! Ranger has slowly taken to his toys, something I think he did not get much of in his past which is really heartwarming to see. It is a happy life now – Congratulations Ranger, Mark & Laura.
Cash is an adorable little Schnauzer who needed a hand at finding a Forever home. My friend Robie who adopted Louie found little Cash on FB. His family couldn’t keep him so of course Robey knew I had placed Louie and he called and kind of Begged me to bring Cash into WFTRM. I have to admit he didn’t need to ask twice, I had room and a love for Schnauzers. Cash arrived on 4-29-19, an sweet, loving, shy little guy. He hardly had any fur and strange dry spots pustules on his skin. He was very thin and tiny. Cash had horrible teeth and I questioned his breeding. He looked more like a Silky mix that a Schnauzer but he won my heart. Cash was off to see my vet where he received all the vet work he had been in need of for a long time. We found a grade 3 Heart murmur but decided to wait to treat, because of his bad teeth and skin infection. Cash blossomed both in health, condition, personality and boy is he a talker. He loved it here happiest little guy ever. Easy to love little Cash. He changed in looks and once Groomed he did look like a Schnauzer. He gained weight and fur started to grow. When he went back for a recheck the Heart murmur was barely audible. Cash was doing so well so it was time to begin our search for a Forever Home. He was so bonded with our family it worried me. Cash is much for sensitive than a Wire Fox. I had some applications some good for him and some I knew wouldn’t work. Then one day I had an application from Jay and Cadence in MI. Two wonderful letters of recommendation and Stellar vet history. They had owned a Schnauzer who passed away from severe heart condition. They seemed perfect for my little Cash. We talked a few times, did the home visit. I loved this family for Cash so one Sunday June 23 almost 2 months later Cash has a home. They drove to Iowa from Traverse City, MI. Cadence didn’t take long to win Cash over. He was so suspicious he knew something was about to change in his life. He wasn't sure he liked the idea. He was hesitant but looked at me like OK I will try if you say so. I had some cute pictures from the Motel Cash on the bed having tummy rubs. He looked very content with his mew mom. I suspect he feels at ease now He is off to begin a new adventure in a perfect home A home like ALL dogs deserve. Robie wants updates too Cash is so loved by everyone he met here. This little guy wins hearts where ever he goes. I will always love you Little Cash so happy I met you.
Our perfect little Princess Penny has found her Forever home. Bill and Shelly from Blair NE have been waiting patiently for that perfect match to come into WFTRM. Penny was owner surrendered and seemed like a wonderful match. Bill and Shelly drove to Iowa last Monday and it was love at first sight. Penny is as close to perfect as a Wire Fox girl can be. She immediately jumped on Bill's lap and looked up at him like she was thinking What took you so long to get here. Cash the little Schnauzer loved Bill too but Penny wasn't into sharing. Bill and Shelly adopted a wire named Molly, a 5 year old who lived with them for 7 years. Sadly Molly passed away last year. The house was very empty without her presence so they are thrilled with Penny. Everything is going well Penny loves walks, car rides, the big front window and is now the Queen in her castle. A very happy family with another Foxy girl who is thrilled with her new Forever Home.