EDDIE the Lakeland Terrier is always smiling. In fact his new nickname is Smiling Eddie. Even after losing his owner of 10 years, he was still a happy fellow and very friendly. That grin of his just got a bit bigger now that he has found his forever home in Traverse City, Michigan with Karen and Mary. They are both retired and they can dote on him day and night, take him for travels and out and about and walks in the beautiful area in northern Michigan. They are just amazed at how well mannered he is and just adore him. They have dog beds throughout the house but Eddie prefers the furniture and beds! His senior Wire Fox Terrier brother Jack is not so impressed and immediately attempted to steal Eddie’s gnome toy from his going home bag. He gave me one of those Sorry Not Sorry looks. Since it was Jack’s birthday on Adoption Day – Eddie decided to let Jack have the gnome. Eddie let Karen brush him and love on him before his meets and greets in the neighborhood. He is such a charming boy he has snagged himself a girlfriend already – little Poppy who lives next door. He loves playing with her and is so smitten. Of course she is much younger than him, he has her hooked. Eddie may be a senior at 10 years old but he is also a special treasure that will be so loved and pampered. Congratulations Eddie, Karen, Mary & Jack!
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The RESCUE JUNGLE.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in RELEASING THEM TO THEIR PERFECT ENVIRONMENT.
The Rescue Mission for CRUZ was not exactly smooth sailing but I can tell you that he has cruised right into his perfect Forever Home. This boy is a dream – he is such a mellow, well behaved and grateful to be rescued and shown love and attention. Jayson had lost is best friend Nigel at age 13 adopting him at 1. They went through good times and also years of Cushings and other health issues. But he was so ready to find that new companion. He is a Landscape Designer owning his own business and work can be hectic but wanted someone to come with him everywhere. These two fit together like a glove – Jayson came over to meet him the prior week spending hours getting to know him and Cruz did not leave his side. On Adoption Day we went to visit Jayson at his Landscape Design office which is in Lincoln Park area of Chicago and can be quite busy. I wanted to see how Mister Mellow did with cars, people, lots of other dogs, sirens and just so much going on. He was excited to see Jayson again and barged right in the office, snooping around and especially liked those windows. Everyone that walked past did a double take at Cruz and then a huge smile. We decided to take a walk to Oz Park and around and he was so in his element. He walks like a dream, said hello to a few dogs and most importantly - he marked every pole and tree letting everyone know that Cruz was in town and here to stay. He has gone from a border bandit to being landscape design assistant. Jayson has officially made him his assistant with a new name of Percy and they will go to the office, to clients and all over. Percy just loves going in the car and looking out the window. Their first trip after I left was to the pet shop to let him pick out some new toys which he did. He is coming out of his shell more and more and now plays tug with his new dad all the time! There was some thought given to perhaps attending the Chicago Botanic Gardens Spooky Pooch Parade – he did pack his sombrero and poncho that he looks so dang adorable in. I could not be happier for Percy and Jayson and they promise to stay in touch with updates and pictures which they have come through on already. Now there are two handsome guys in Chicago hanging out and doing landscape design and living the life. Bravo and Best Wishes to Percy and Jayson!
KIP was a lucky puppy as patience and perseverance had finally paid off to welcome he and his brother Skip to WFTRM and a chance at a wonderful life. Kip was the adorable brother to London and Leeds who were estimated to be born around June 26, 2018. Like his siblings he had no vet work which was the priority. He quickly became healthy and so very happy being fostered in a home with 4 other Wire Fox Terriers who doted on him, played with him and showed him the ropes. His foster mom Nonie loved on him, worked with him and laughed at his antics. Puppies are a ton of work and he sure kept her busy even though she had help from the gang. They made him his own snuffle mat to find kibble out of, he played chase with Ricky (hiding under the bunk beds) and had a blast exploring the back yard with everyone. Kip has left the Gramlich’s home with his new mom Janet from Wichita, Kansas. She lost her female Wire Fox Terrier Foxy in March and was so ready for that new best friend and companion. Janet had her Application in and was not particular on the age or gender but a rather a connection. She was thrilled to be accepted as Kip’s new mom and went to work ordering gates, car seats and things she would need for a rascally baby boy. She drove to St. Louis and visited, had dinner with Nonie and family and then spent the night at a hotel and returned in the morning to set off on their journey home and new life together. Kip was so excited to see that Janet had returned for him and could not wait to get their adventures going. He was typical in letting Ricky, Griff, Dizzy and Biscuit know that was HIS new mom and stay away. They were then off to Wichita and being his mom’s assistant running their AirB&B. Have a fantastic life little fellow. Nonie and the gang said they loved having him the last couple weeks and they all wished him good luck and much love.
The last of the puppies – but certainly not least – has officially found his Forever Home. Little Skip does not miss a beat and could not be any cuter. He enjoyed the camaraderie of a gang of Wires at Nonie’s home and had the best time playing, running and learning tricks from the big ones. His permanent home is just a hop skip and jump away in East Alton, Illinois with Beth and Wire Fox Bowman. Beth has been a valued volunteer of WFTRM for many years, rescuing, transporting and fostering many Wires and Welsh in her home and seeing them off to their Forever Homes. And some were not the easiest but she saw them through with patience and understanding. So this new little guy has a new name and it’s Orbit. A name his adorable white body and limited markings had sparked. He is a typical puppy with his antics but also so darn sweet and cuddly. He loves his big brother Bowman who is warming up to his new brother. Beth has also become a licensed trainer and busy with new clients under her Talented Tails training business. Little Orbit will be another ambassador to travel with her and Bowman to St. Louis and surrounds for groupings. He is a little climber and learned to scale up and over his x-pen – maybe he can be Spiderman this Halloween! And Beth will have double co-pilots when she takes her yearly trip with Mini Takes the States. I think she needs a few more paw prints on the hood. It will be a fantastic life for Orbit with a loving mom, brother and big fenced yard to play and chase. Could not be happier for this adoption. Congratulations Orbit, Beth and Bowman!