MUFFIN made the move to her Forever Home and is having the time of her life. She went from a neglected home to one with plenty of attention and love. Warren and Trish from Crystal Lake, Illinois adopted Zoey from WFTRM after losing their Airedale. Sadly they lost Zoey to lymphoma which left them heartbroken and wanting another girl to love. Muffin just fit like a glove and they were so excited to make her part of the family. So Warren, Trish, Bradley, Taylor and her boyfriend Zach drove down for the big adoption. At first Muffin is cautious when meeting new people but she quickly warmed up when they wanted to play with her toys with her and play rough she does. She kept a careful eye on her bag of “stuff”, her new family and staying right in the middle. That is until Fabio came in the kitchen to say hello and show off his goat boy antics. He has been invisible to her the entire time but tonight – oh she jumped on his back and chased him out saying this is MY new family! And off they went with Muffin on mom’s lap for the ride home. Her first full day I am told she played non-stop all day and night and when she crashed . . . she slept for 9 hours! What a tired and happy little girl. She is also guarding the house out the front windows from all potential intruders walking on by. They are going to call her Minnie and while she may be mini – she is also mighty – endless energy in this little girl. Minnie is over the moon happy with her new home and family and that makes for the best Happy Ending.
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The Garden of Rescue.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in planting them in the right Garden.
Feliz found a Forever home in Dallas Texas. This little guy was so ready for a home of his own. He has come a long way with socialization and just learning how to live in a home but he needed to bond and start a new life. Blanca Has owned 5 Wires so she understands them and is totally in love with the breed. She has a very cute, happy, lively girl named Annika, also a rescue dog, She seemed ready to welcome a baby brother, her tail was going as fast as his. Blanca lost a very special boy who passed away in June, so Annika is used to a baby brother. Little Feliz took off anxious to begin his new journey yet a little hesitant to leave me and his pals. This is the first home he has ever known so I am sure he felt a little unsure of himself. Feliz is such a handsome little boy, full of life. love and a sense of adventure All Foxies have so I know he will be fine. Blanca has lots of patience, experience, nice home with a secure yard and her Wires are her children They get lots of TLC training and Love. Feliz I am So sorry for your start in life so many months in a Petstore but Thankful for your rescue. It was such a pleasure to meet, love and help you. Live up to your Name Feliz and stay forever " Happy".
PEACHES has found her perfect place where she can be a little princess and get all the attention, loving and training this once former puppy mill girl dreamed of. Barry and Denise from Elburn, Illinois have had Airedales and then three Wire Fox Terriers, nursing two of them with diabetes, seizures and blindness. They just lost their Callie and life is just unbearable without a Wire Fox girl to love. Barry is home most of the time and needed that companion to dote on and cuddle. Denise had fought and beat breast cancer but sadly it returned and metastasized. She and her caregiver are excited to have another Wire girl in the home and brightens their spirit. Peaches has already brought so much joy and bounced right in and it said this is my house. Nibbling her bully sticks and snuggling on the chair with Dad. There are dog beds all around but Peaches prefers to be on all the furniture which is fine with them. She had a basket of toys waiting for her and her big bag only added to the collection – which she has them all spread out around the house. And the big fenced yard she explored and got to know every inch her first day. On her second day home, she was outside 20 seconds when she caught her first rabbit! Barry said you didn’t mention she has a rocket pack on her back. This girl is quick. Peaches as brought this home to life and she is one happy and lucky little girl who has put her past behind her. Have a fabulous life sweet little girl!
Bentley my robust, exuberant, mischievous 1 year old Wire boy has found the perfect home. I knew if I waited they would come along. This guy needs an active family with Terrier experience, time to run, play, train and Run some more. Tom and Brenda entered his life a couple of weeks ago. They are young retirees with an attitude like Bentley. Life is an adventure live it to the fullest. Bentley has met his match. I am beyond thrilled for him and for them. Tom and Brenda came to Iowa from Santa Fe NM arrived on Tuesday. Every dog here loved Brenda. They would all have gone home with her, but Bentley was chosen. I could see how proud and happy he was. Bentley was surrendered to a shelter, then adopted, then surrendered here to me. He has been in too many places now he has a Forever Home. Bentley visited several parks along the way to Denver CO ran and played until he was tired and ready to travel some more. They spent time in Denver and he loved the city and Dog Park. He will arrive in Santa Fe today. Tom and Brenda have had Wires and an Airedale named Jack who was a lot like Bentley. Sadly Jack passed from cancer very young. They are true Terrier people looking for a Terrier to love and they found Bentley. I think he needed them just as much as they needed him. Live Well Bentley Run Fast as you can. Play Hard and live an amazing, Beautiful Life. You are a Good Boy High Five
Today was another Happy Adoption Day here in Iowa. Tiff the sweet little girl who lost her home when her owners died has a home tonight. Beverly adopted a Wire girl from me several years ago. Daisy became ill the last year with kidney failure and sadly passed away at the age of 13. The house was too quiet with no little Foxie girl around and Beverly happened to see Tiff. Her home is perfect, very close to what little Tiff is used too. A quiet home with a retired couple, fenced yard and she won’t have to worry about being home alone. Beverly promised to let Tiff sleep with her, cuddle in the chair with her little paws over the edge. Tiff is very much a little creature of Habit. She knows what she wants and how she feels things are supposed to go. Tiff is a wonderful little dog who just needs love, walks and a Lap to sleep on. She seemed to be constantly wanting to go and was looking for something. I think she is looking for her 1st owners and it was heart breaking to see. I really feel being in the type of home she is accustomed to will make this adorable little doll happy again. She sure marched right out and jumped in the car of course I sent along her new things she acquired while here, her food and bags of her special most loved treats. Beverly lives in Iowa about an hour away so I hope I can visit and see Tiff again. Thanks for adopting and giving two homeless Foxy girls a loving home and new life Beverly. Hug her for me she is so easy to love simply beautiful
Drum Roll Please !!! Miss Sallie, mom of the 3 babies, mate of Toby has a Home !!! Yay for Sallie, Peaches and Toby they all moved into a first home and so far are loving Life. A true Rescue miracle for all 3 of them and we couldn't be happier. Sallie has packed up all of her new belongings and went home to Batesville, AR with Virgina and brother Dapper Dan.Virgina brought her friend Pam to help with the drive, and Sallie loved her too. Pam is a cat person so probably no Wire Fox in her future but she does work at an animal shelter. Dapper was a former puppy mill dog from Colorado, who Virgina came to adopt a few years ago. His name was Scout then and he had a friend named Gypsy. She lives in AZ now. Dan is a happy boy but he just lost his Smooth Fox sister Grentle and was lonely. We think Sallie will make a good sister for him. Virgina has a large home with a nice fenced yard and years of Terrier experience so I am sure Sallie will feel safe, loved and secure in her new home. Sallie even enjoyed her first road trip and over night in a Motel. This Girl is on Fire :-) Congratulations Sallie You are such a good girl and so super sweet. We miss you. I promise to find your last liter of babies Great Homes. Another Mission accomplished. 3 more Foxies can begin their journey to a new and better life filled with the love ALL dogs deserve.
Our Little Jolie has found a Home. Another successful rescue mission complete, from a Petstore to Paradise, just check out that view. Jolie finally has her Forever home.She and her brother Feliz spent the first 6 months of their life in that store. Thankfully a very caring lady helped them get to WFTRM. I had been waiting for that right home and match when Peter called me one day. I knew I had found my match for Jolie. We talked for a long time Cindy joined in too. His last remark as we hung up Oh Please hold her for me until we can get this accomplished told me he was very sincere and truly wanted this baby. He sent me the application from a friends computer :-) I found our long time Friend Jan Hallenbeck to do the home visit. Everything went like clockwork and by the next weekend Peter and Cindy were at my door in Iowa. They left Wolcott, New York on a Friday in a snowstorm and arrived in Iowa on Sunday. Everyone here including Jolie and I loved them. Wonderful couple and as Jan put it What a Great place to be a dog. Perfect for shy sweet Jolie. Retired with a slow pace easy going lifestyle and Wire Fox experience. They lost Maggie and Seamus to old age. Once you are owned by a Wire it's hard to live without one in your life so their home is complete again. I can't wait to hear how Miss Jolie adjusts to all the water experience living on an island, Jolie and her new family are doing well I think this is one of those Happily ever after continuing stories Can't wait for summer time updates.
Our adorable Toby has a new home, his very first home, all of his own. He is so excited and Happy and updates tell me he is doing fabulous, better than I had ever hoped for. Toby packed up all of his new possessions and moved to Minnetonka MN with Lee and Jim. They are a wonderful couple who have had 5 other Wires over the years. Toby has a beautiful home, fenced yard, walks twice a day, cuddles on demand with new mom and dad who adore him. He has fit like a glove with his new family. They came to Iowa and wow what a fun visit, Everyone loved them Sallie wanted to go too so that was kind of sad, but Sallie has a surprise coming on Saturday. Toby hesitated just a short time, looked at me as if to say Thanks with his adorable smile. Toby and Sallie really stole a big piece of my heart. I have never met a pair of sweeter more adorable loving dogs. Toby has earned the trust of Lee and Jim to be left loose in the house already. House trained while he was here. I think he just likes to please people. I am so very thankful for the call that came in asking me to take this trio of cuties. Toby, Peaches and now Sallie have all landed in perfect homes. Sallie's story coming right up too. Rescue Angels Guide them to our doors, I am just sure of it "Believe " Congratulations Angel Toby, Lee and Jim so happy for all three of you
The Wire Babies of Sallie and Toby are beginning to leave the nest. Mr. Hobbs the resident sweetheart left on Sunday morning. His New family is Marihelen and Mike Millar. They lost their Foxie girl Bijoux. The empty house and sad hearts brought them to our website. They saw Hobbs and we were able to get the home visit done and all approved . Marihelen actually helped us with the Pixie rescue. Marihelen flew to Iowa on Sat. arrived here on Sunday morning and flew back to Ohio on Sunday evening. A whirlwind trip but she assures me Hobbs AKA Roary was worth it all. He is being such a Good boy. Hobbs and all the puppies of course were happy to play and meet Marihelen Hobbs looked so cute all decked out in his new harness. I gave him a bath, fluffed him all up, clipped his nails. He was looking so spiffy when his new mom arrived. He will have an awesome life. I have no doubt and I cant wait for more Happy updates. Today they assured me they are over the moon in love and he had NO accidents in the house !!! Wow what a Good Boy
Another of our sweet Babies has left Foster to go to her Forever Home. Little Elsa AKA Mackie. She has a wonderful home here in Iowa. I might be able to see her again :-) Robin, John and older brother Marley welcomed their new baby with excitement, love and open arms. They live in a beautiful wooded area by a Lake with lots of walking trails and a peaceful quiet neighborhood. Robin is a stay at home mom and calls her dogs her" Cids " Canine Kids.I love that term of endearment They even have their own bedroom complete with Twin beds, Toys and everything a pup could want or need. They lost their Wire girl Abby in September, a very sad time but are ready to open their hearts to another Foxie Girl. Big Brother Marley is an adorable 11 year old Schnauzer-cattle dog mix. He is so cute still looks like a puppy. He is excited to have a fur kid friend too. Mackie is a lucky girl I am sure she has a smile in that 2nd photo. I know she will enjoy an awesome life. Thanks and Congratulations Robin, John, Marley and Mackie I look forward to many years of friendship and updates