A Home for the Holidays has happened for Tilly and she could not be a more happier girl! She was scooped up by John and Janice from Louisville, Kentucky. They recently lost their beautiful Chloe and were devastated. And let the fanfare begin – as soon as they entered the front door she was barking and making sure they knew she was here. John and Janice are not only past adopters from WFTRM twice over, they also were my helpers in Louisville for shelter pulls and transports. They knew the minute they saw Tilly that she was their girl and could not wait to make the trip to Chicago. Sadly Tilly’s fate was almost doomed. She is like many girl Wires who do not like sharing the home and when brought to live with numerous small dogs – she got into a tussle with one. Her owner sought support for her decision to have her put to sleep but created a fire storm on social media which also set our rescue mission crisis mode. Tilly arrived safe in Chicago and dreamed of a forever home who would love her and understands Wire Fox Terrier traits. She hit the Santa’s jackpot with her new mom and dad and could not be any sweeter and the kisses and face washes are ongoing. She had her Christmas jammies and red sweater all packed up and ready for the ride. Tilly adores her peoples and makes everyone smile. She visited the assisted living facility in Chicago greeting everyone with kindness and was gentle as a lamb meeting her new grandma in Louisville. She has wasted no time testing out and taking over the couch and the beds in the house. Watching both John and Janice like a hawk, noshing on her Earth Animal No Hide, napping and playing with all her toys. That is a sure sign of someone who knows they are home, safe and secure! She is doing better on her walks – as Natasha from Bullwinkle says . . . strong like bull – but easing up as she gets less excited. Lots of happy hearts in the Siewertsen home again and lots of new memories and adventures to share! Congratulations Tilly, John and Janice and Merry Christmas!
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The RESCUE JUNGLE.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in RELEASING THEM TO THEIR PERFECT ENVIRONMENT.
Another of the WFTRM foster dogs in Iowa has landed a really perfect home. Simon AKA Sam was so happy when Sandy and Tom came to meet him. He appeared to know they had come from him. They always seem to know and develop a kind of nervous excitement before the family arrives. Sam had his bath, nails trimmed, tried on his harness maybe he picked up on my excitement. He followed me around as we packed up his going home bag and new blanket, He took some of his favorite toys. Sam spent his entire life until he came here in a kennel situation. He has never had a home until he was fostered here. He was so happy and became quite a social butterfly. Loved living in a home, running in and out with his canine friends, sleeping in dog beds, his own special house but most of all this adorable boy was obsessed with toys. The more toys the better. He would take them all to his bed and then take a nap with them. He was learning the rule of potty outside but we used the belly band as a training aid. Sandy reported today Sam is ready to graduate to life without the belly band or at least be given a chance. He even goes to the door now. I am so thrilled for Simon aka Sam. He is the most loving, laid back handsome boy ever. The heart of an Angel and exactly what Tom and Sandy were looking for. He really enjoys the daily walks and looking forward to camping and lakes in the beautiful State of Wisconsin. Sam Loves water so keeping him out of the Lakes will be a challenge. We couldn't just walk past a mud puddle. Sam had to walk through them. Love to all of you. Live well Sam I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. Merry Christmas another Foxy found a Forever home for the Holidays.

Congratulations sweet little Luigi on finding your Forever home. Luigi came with Mario aka Lamby from a shelter in Ohio. Their time was up, Decision had to be made NOW so Maribeth said Yes to the rescue. We worked together to help them. Maribeth couldn't keep them in Chicago, due to having another Wire girl on the way. I offered to bring this dynamic Duo to Iowa. Working as a team saves twice sometimes three times the number of dogs. Rose and Fred live in WI and are past adopters. They adopted Lily and Scruffy many years ago. Lily passed a year ago and Rose needed another fur kid to cuddle. They came to meet Mario (Lamby) Coco and Luigi, after several hours of playing, talking, cuddling, pondering a decision was made Luigi won the lottery. This is one of those homes we pray for with wonderful people, years of Experience, dog knowledge, huge fenced Yard, and a family who wants a true companion to spend every waking moment as part of the action. I know Rose loves Coco and would love to have adopted her however Miss Coco wasn't quite ready. I wonder if Luigi would like a sister once he is settled in and Coco is ready to go? Hey as a foster mom in love with my Coco I can always Hope and Ponder the idea. Meanwhile Luigi is doing fantastic. Rose and Fred adore this blessed little guy so all is well in their World. Coco is improving every day and Lamby is patiently waiting for his Forever Home to find him. A continuing Rescue story I will keep updated Merry Christmas Luigi I know this one with be your first and Best Christmas ever. You have a Forever Home this year God Bless.