Once she was a stray in rural southern Ohio, her future changed when she happened to land in the right Shelter that cared. Her picture was sent to WFTRM and although she was not a Wire Fox in full that is, she was a terrier in need and one look melted your heart. Her beginning two years on the loose she had ear mites which caused her to constantly shake which created blood hematomas on her ear flaps. They then formed scar tissue on the inside of both ears. This life is all in the past for TALULAH. She arrived in Chicago thanks to wonderful volunteers and looks like she will be staying here in Chicago. Austin and Kelly from Berwyn, Illinois were smitten the minute they met her. She is just perfect – whether it be Airedale mixed with Wire Fox – she is just perfect. Talulah is so loving and obedient and craving love and affection which she will be getting plenty of. She staked her claim to a spare bedroom and bed, folded her paws and said this is my space. She has met neighbors, family and friends and everyone just adores her. Her playful spirit has emerged and loves to chase toys, loved our first snow here and has had play dates with Fabio. She gives him a play bow and then this typical side eye Airedale style. Talulah likes that she is a bit faster than him and tucks her tail in and under from the tail nipper. She is so pampered and Austin even made for her a feeding station from maple wood just for Miss T. It truly is going to be a wonderful life and probably her first Christmas with presents under the tree. Congratulations Talulah, Kelly and Austin!
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Welcome to the SPOTLIGHT Page where we showcase our most recent Going Home Stories and Adoptions.
Our theme this year is The RESCUE JUNGLE.
A tremendous amount of work goes into each rescue and in RELEASING THEM TO THEIR PERFECT ENVIRONMENT.
MAGGIE has charmed her little self into the perfect forever home. She is such a sweetheart and all she wanted was to be loved and wanted and that dream has now come true. Ed and Nancy from St. John, Indiana have owned three wonderful Wire Fox Terriers. Their last little girl Trixie was nursed through a long battle with kidney disease and her loss was very difficult. They submitted their Application back in the summer, not sure if they were ready or fully grieved and waiting for that right one to arrive and steal their hearts again. Maggie was sure the one to fill that void and she is loving all the attention. And it is just her that is going to have all the pampering and affection. She had to check out every inch of the house, unpacked all her toys and found her favorite spot on the couch. She is so smart she found where her food bowls will be and even had something to eat. She was so happy and excited she was playing, rolling on her back and getting all silly. Ed is retired and he and Maggie will be spending lots of quality time, adventures and long walks. Nancy has already made several Talking Pet videos of Maggie and family and friends are so excited to meet her. It is a joyous Christmas for everyone with a new wonderful life for Maggie and a happy home once again for Ed and Nancy.
CHADWICK is a very luck chap and has landed in the perfect home. His owners had purchased him as a pup and with serious health issues and a move to assisted living, they could not longer care for him. When one broke their pelvis last winter and was in rehab, then the other fell and needed the same. Chadwick was in a kennel and then had various caregivers coming to the home so his world was turned topsy turvy and he did not like it. Tom and Pat from Oxford, Michigan had lost their male Wire Charlie. They still had Bea that they adopted from WFTRM but she was in ill health. Chadwick loved them and decided to plunk down by Tom and stake claim. Now he is an ornery fellow and does not like to be corrected and have your voice raised so he needed that special home to give him guidance, patience and understanding. Chad has been settling in and the funny thing was he had to try out every dog bed, every chair and every piece of furniture. He loves to snag Tom’s recliner if he gets up to get something. He is loving all the big windows and looking out into the woods and oh boy there are lots of deer. Chad has dug into all his toys, gutted some of them and just enjoying his new Forever Home. He lets you know when he has to go out and he adores going in the car for rides. Now if he can just not bark so much it would be perfect. Tom and Pat have an RV and love to travel and Chadwick will be going along on many adventures. Thank you Tom and Pat for making the trip to Chicago once again and for giving Chadwick with his ornery quirks the best Forever Home.
Nelson will be home for Christmas. This happy, handsome loving fellow finally has a home. A Forever home all of his own. Nelson came from a very poor start in life, humble,sad beginning of neglect and abuse but Thanks to some very caring people who were willing to go the extra mile to help him, he arrived at WFTRM in Iowa on 11-2. He left yesterday with his new dad Joao from New Bern, NC. Joao has waited for many years to get his Wire Fox companion .He has shared Wires and a Welsh with a dear friend for many years, just wasnt home enough to have one of his own. He retired, bought a home with a Foxie in mind and began his search. He really wanted a rescued Foxie who needed a home then he saw Nelson the rest of the story just fell into pace. Joao left on Monday and arrived in cold snowy Iowa on Thursday. Nelson happily jumped on his lap as if to say Hi Where have you been all my life? They are going to share some wonderful adventures I can't wait to here all about them. Nelson and Joao will be best friends and companions I hear Sailing is on the agenda this summer. I really have so many people to Thank for helping Nelson get here. They know who they are and how deeply I appreciate them. Thank You Jo and Ginger Gehres for doing our home visit. Live Happily ever after Joao and Nelson You make an awesome Match