There is a boy everyone should meet. His name
is Doobie and he will break your heart. He will teach compassion, empathy and personal responsibility and that abuse and neglect is never acceptable. I have changed his name to Doobie as it is a whole new life with a new calling. He was living with his owner and her boyfriend when he was tragically allowed to be hit by a car in April 2020. He was taken to a vet clinic after the incident and unfortunately was the only medical visit he had. Doobie sustained a spinal injury and contusions. The report also reflected an “old” fracture and trauma. For the past year, he was left to languish in pain in confinement in this home. He was treatable last year had he gotten medical attention, therapy and possible surgery. No time for him was one of the excuses and busy working and simply could not be bothered. Rather than find a Rescue for him last year, they chose to just ignore him & his cries by locking him in confinement. Doobie is matted to the skin with clumps so large they are difficult to cut off. He has urine burns covering his entire stomach, his ears are badly infected, he struggles to get up & move around due to his back end. His back legs are simply not working for him. He wants to be mobile so bad and drags them behind him. There seemed to be no one who wanted to take on such a project and help this boy. I just could not look the other way and Doobie needed to get out of his environment asap.
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Rabies Vaccination
Canine Influenza Vacc.
On Flea & Tick
Heartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
Fecal Check
Ears Cleaned/Plucked
Cytopoint Injection
Neurological Exam
Doobie is a Wheaten Terrier who according to the only record from last April was 3 years old. I would estimate him to be more like 4 - 5 years old. He was transported to WFTRM and when the rescue team met to take him, his owners opened the door and let him fall out the car and onto the ground. No collar, no leash, no belongings except for a filthy rag that was supposed to be his blanket. They had tried to use scissors to quickly cut the hair on his face. Those big brown expressive eyes showed relief that he was on his way to Rescue.
Doobie is a very energetic Wheaten Terrier boy who wants to run and play with toys. He is not going to let his handicap get in the way of enjoying life. He wants to be where the action is and part of a family where he is loved. He loves his furry dog beds and blankets, people food and eating snow. Toys bring him so much joy and he has a black belt in removing squeakers. Picking out just the right one from the basket and spreading them on the rug too. Doobie follows me everywhere and watches me with his big brown soulful eyes. He weighs 46 pounds, has a big black bear nose and a loving disposition. He is passive and friendly with everyone, loves all the dogs here and they like him too. When they get excited or start grabbing toys, he wants to do the same. Doobie loves people so much and tries so hard to give them a Wheatin’ Greetin but since he cannot get up to the face, he pushes and rubs on them while his tail buzzes. He is such a funny character with a genuine happy go lucky spirit who makes you smile and laugh. You cannot help but want to love on this big sweetheart.
February 5, 2021 was the vet visit for Doobie’s vaccinations, tests and exam. His ears were horrible neglected with impacted hair, debris, bacterial and yeast infection. The quicks on his nails are very overgrown. We are tag teaming him to clean and then put ointment in his ears. He would scream if you touched even his flap so this was a daunting task. Doobie has had two follow up visits and cytologies. The most recent was March 19 and the infection is cleared up. More hair was plucked again by the techs and he is on a weekly x 3 cleaning schedule.

February 3, 2021was the consult with neurologist at Arboretum View Animal Hospital. It was reported that he likely had a traumatic disc herniation after his accident and that the window of opportunity for surgical treatment would have been last year. Also reported that he does not have any deep pain sensation in his back legs but he can move his back legs when supported. Therapy was recommended.
February 12 consult with Rehab & Therapy. They were able to obtain the x-rays from the vet clinic who saw Doobie the night of the 2020 accident. They feel too that his opportunity had passed. The nerves are damaged with his degenerated spinal injury and they felt therapy treatments would not benefit him. He has movement, sensation and can stand himself up but moving forward is a challenge.
Doobie's Help Em Up Harness arrived. It might be better for less enthusiastic patients. He wants to plow full steam ahead taking you with him. His wheel cart is the best mobility tool for him.


Doobie is a special guy. He wants to be different than the other Wheatens on Wheels. Blue is basic so he has a snazzy CAMO cart.

Found a groomer willing to give him a try but 15 minutes after drop off received a call to come get him. He is too excited, bouncing around and likes to tink when anxious and happy. Looks like it is home grooming for Doobie. Put him in car and he was his happy camper self. Another challenge but look on that face in the middle and he strong and determined and so shall we with helping him.

I truly believe that acupuncture and other therapy methods would benefit Doobie and Dr. Riffice with Prairie State Vet Clinic could not agree more. We were so thrilled to have our first visit on March 17. Doobie had acupuncture with electrical stimulation. He did well but got mouthy in a certain area so next time he will wear his new basket muzzle. He is also on a herbal supplement and we go back in two weeks for session two. The wheel cart is the way to go with all his appointments and leaving the belly band on in case he has his happy leak. He still thinks he can jump up and do the Wheatin' Greetin!