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Archie is only 2 years old and was born with deformities in his rear legs. He is such an adorable Wire Fox Terrier with so much love snf loyalty to offer. Archie bounces and springs into happy mode and is all excited to see and be with you. He rubs himself all over you and gives as many kisses as you can handle. Archie has a gorgeous tri-color fluffy coat and weighs 21 pounds mostly because of the strength he has built up learning to move around with two back legs that are not working. He was rescued along with Hootie and Goldie from a breeder who was releasing them to rescue. I actually only went for the latter two and upon leaving was asked if I wanted to see the Wire that hopped like a bunny. Of course and was led to a very small room where the door was closed where he has lived his life. Please I begged could I have him too and was so happy to be able to take Archie home.
When you choose Rescue, it is you who Blossoms.
On October 5, 2017, Archie went to Veterinary Specialty Center to meet with the surgeon and discuss possible treatments for his legs. He stayed the day and had light anesthesia in order to extend the legs for a better picture. Both femurs are twisted and both stifle joints are locked up as well. Archie has learned to adjust to his disability and moves around by crisscrossing or joining his two rear legs for pushing off and balance. When we left, Dr. West was going to show the films to the other surgeons and discuss possible options but she was not too optimistic. Questions remain whether surgery, leg braces and also whether he should get the FHO surgery to put his hip socket back in place. A wheel cart is also something that looks like he is going to have to use. Finally the afternoon of October 20th there was a message on the answer machine from Dr. West stating that they did not have any solutions after conferring but she did send his films out offsite for more input.
His forever home would need compassion, time to spend with him and also keep him safe, a nice small area for him to go outside and do his duty and especially lots of love. If he were to go out and about a stroller would be the option for him. Scootching around his home is fine but more than that is too much for him to bear and there is the possibility of him injuring or hurting his legs. His front legs bear the burden of his weight and the work. We tried to put him in a wheel cart we have here and it was difficult to get his legs inside and it also put his back and rear legs in a position it has never been in.

Archie is a special little Wire Fox boy who deserves to be loved and live life. His personality and outlook is so infectious and we should all learn from this little guy. Archie really wants to be just like a normal Wire Fox Terrier and will even bark when he thinks he needs to alert to something or the others are barking. He adores his pal Fabio, following him and rubbing on him and playing. Lounging in the sunshine also feels so good to Archie too. He is one darling and amazing little Wire Fox Terrier who has so many years to live to the fullest.
Spa Day
ARCHIE is a HAPPY Wire Fox boy.
And that is how he will remain despite his abnormalities. His x-rays done at the Specialty Hospital were not text book and his rear legs are so badly deformed, malformed, twisted and missing bone. Even if there was a glimmer of possibility for a surgical correction, it might do more harm than good and would be painful and bring him discomfort. I do not believe Archie is in any pain at all and he has managed to get around, function and work around his disabilities. He is always jubilant, always friendly, always giving kisses and always excited to receive affection and massages. Archie brings tremendous joy to the universe.
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