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CLEO is a tiny Wire Fox girl who weighs 12 pounds if that soaking wet. She has had to survive on her own after being abandoned, infested with fleas that had taken control of her body for quite some time. It is a challenge for her to even get around as a portion of her right front leg is missing. She was hungry, thirsty, tired, scared and coping with 110 degree heat in southern Texas. Her savior Chuck came along to take her in his home and get her medical help. He has terriers of his own and felt instant compassion for little Cleo. Chuck, Susie and Nadia had called her Grace and perhaps by the grace of God she was meant to cross their paths. He posted her story on Facebook and then we connected with each other about getting her to WFTRM. He went beyond the call of duty to get help for this little girl who needs so much care and compassion. Big thanks to Sheila for always being ready to get the transport in gear. Cleo will be forever grateful.
CLEO arrived in Chicago and the flea dermatitis was really bad and affected her entire torso and legs which are hairless and skin very warm to the touch. She was given Bravecto and Revolution. Skin scrapings were performed and negative for mites. CLEO had a dermatologist appointment with Dr. Ness at Midwest Veterinary Dermatology. She got her very own new stroller to tool around in while out and about. Some cultures of her skin were taken and sent out and she received a Cytopoint injection for her itching. She will be on Fluconazole for the yeast. The cultures returned with the type of bacteria on her skin and she is now also on Cefpodoxime. Cleo will also get weekly Malaseb baths. Her hair is already beginning to grow back and her skin looking great.

Cleo is painfully thin with her ribs exposed and hip bones protruding. She was given Drontal Plus which is an excellent broad spectrum wormer which also covers tapeworms. She was so very hungry and it appears she has been starved to near death. Her appetite is now normal and she has gained a few pounds. Her bowels are now performing since she is receiving good food. The anal area is very swollen and sore and the vet suspected straining as a cause. As she was getting food in her system and the intestines working, this area has gone down and is back to normal.
CLEO felt vulnerable when she first arrived with her condition and the leg - new people and surroundings. She loves to be outside in the grass if the weather is nice otherwise she is on her purple fur blanket on her bed in the air conditioning. She is not a fan of hot weather. The nightmares she was dreaming have stopped. Cleo had a fasting blood test on June 29th to rule out certain conditions due to blood work done in Texas before moving here. She does not have Addison's or Cushings disease.
Cleo is about 8 years old and she is a typical female Wire Fox Terrier. She is smart, such a joy to watch her hop around and do her thing and is such a wonderful companion. She is a phenomenal car traveller and really enjoys going for rides. Cleo is super for her baths and even hair trims. She has mastered the deck stairs that take her to the yard rather well - such an independent little girl. Cleo will stand on her two back legs when she is getting her food or a treat. She loves to be held and is very calm and quiet. She is a very good natured girl with terrier spirit. This little girl deserves a home that wants to pamper a tiny terrier who had a rough life.
Cleo is missing a portion of her right front leg and the ortho vet stated it was from an injury and not a deformity. What could have happened to her brings horrible thoughts. Once she has regained her strength and healthier, this leg should be amputated properly as it affects her balance and being able to walk. She is also getting sores on the stub end and joint. Cleo also had a very sore bloody bruise on the underside of her throat which is now healed.
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