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RAINBOW has the most
colorful personality. She is
darling, sweet and just
enough spunk to let you
know what she wants and
wants it now. She is quiet
and well behaved, loves to be with you, by you and receiving love and attention. She is just so charming and lovable it breaks my heart. Sadly she has been horribly neglected and was then abandoned in a rural wooded farmland area in southwest Ohio in harsh elements. There was nothing for miles and miles but farmland, woods and miles in between each farm. I have been told it is a popular area for people to abandon dogs which is just unforgivable. Last Thursday during a downpour of cold rain and sleet, this little girl appeared from the woods and with her last bit of energy made it to the farmhouse she had seen from a distance. Thankfully she was welcomed inside by the Beam family, made warm and bathed and comforted. Wire Fox Terrier people are as tenacious as the breed and Renee caught the posting on found dogs of Ohio and immediately got in touch with me and Mandi who took Rainbow inside. We made our plans for Sunday to move her up to Chicago and into WFTRM. That was not such a great day to do a transport mission but we pushed on through snow and freezing rain. Renee meeting Mike in Richmond and Mike meeting me in Remington, Indiana. Lots of 6 car accidents along the route but we finally made it home around 5:45 p.m. Thank you everyone for rescuing little Rainbow!
RAINBOW is a tiny little girl who weighs 20 pounds but should only weigh 15 with her tiny little bones. She has an enlarged heart and also a murmur - about a grade 5. She also has a mass in her spleen and her stomach is bloated with lots of fluid. Her toe nails are SO long they curl around and under her food pads making it difficult to walk. She has teeth missing but the ones remaining are black with tartar. The vet took blood work and urinalysis and was able to get the nails cut back to a point where they are much more comfortable. Rainbow went for a heart evaluation and cardio exam. Her heart is in serious condition with mitral valve prolapse and is enlarged. The fluid was tapped and is a pinkish color. We discussed draining the fluid but it is probably cushioning the spleen and preventing it from rupturing. We discussed seeing a specialist about a splenectomy even though she is not a good candidate for surgery because of her heart . She is now on Furosemide, Enalapril, Pimobendan and was on Biomox - an antibiotic for her teeth.
Rainbow was not in a home with good care or compassion and concern for her. I feel so bad for Rainbow having to live her life in pain and neglect. Her spirit is peppy and happy and she is enjoying herself not looking in the past but forward and to each day ahead. A True Terrier. She heads outside to do her business, trotting all the way in the back yard and loves exploring and sniffing and yes even marking. When she comes back if I am not there to open the door right away she starts barking orders. Rainbow is so funny - every time she sees me grab my purse she jumps up and tries to push out the door and go in the car. She just loves the big donut beds and her girlie blankets and received a new pink bunny in honor of Easter. She loves to lounge outside with you on a nice day and look over the yard. Rainbow is such a sweet, loving girl but with spunk, sass and bossieness all girl Wires possess.
Rainbow had her splenectomy on February 18th. The surgery went well. First they drained the massive amount of fluid in her stomach before removing the spleen. The fluid was from the heart and not from the spleen leaking. The tumor in the spleen was about golf ball size or larger and the vet felt it was a typical lipoma filled with blood and it is being sent out for biopsy. The liver was enlarged and also looked peculiar so a piece was sent out for biopsy as well. Good News for Rainbow. The Biopsies returned with the spleen tumor being benign. It is called a nodular hyperplasia. On the liver, the pathologist said it was the oddest thing she saw but was due to the heart and the fluid build up all these years.
Rainbow's recovery went very well and the next day she trotted around like it was nothing. She looks so much better too and feels more comfortable. The fluid build up was definitely affecting her heart and breathing. Rainbow will need to remain on daily heart medications which she gladly takes hidden inside a pill pocket. She was born with this condition and such a shame she was in a home that neglected her and gave her no medical or veterinary care.
Rainbow had her staples removed and was so good just laying really calm and still. Then when she was put on the ground - she started hopping around like a baby goat does. We all were laughing pretty hard at her. The vet said someone is feeling better. She is such a Happy Girl! Then we stopped to get some birdseed and toys for being so good. This girl loves to shop and go everywhere with you. She had a blast riding in the cart. Rainbow also got her first ever groom last Saturday. I tried to cut as many matts off her and brush her out but her coat is so thick and matted like a sheep's coat. This little girl has been so neglected for 10 years it makes me so happy to see her loving life and smiling. Beautiful colors and even some ticking which is so cute. We also did some shopping for outfits and she picked out the prettiest dress and pearl necklace.
Rainbow went back to the hospital on March 18, 2019 for a full Dental Cleaning and to have 4 Growths removed. She was also having an Abdominocentesis as she looked to be bloated again. They tried twice but there was no fluid in her stomach. They also put an ultrasound probe on her and there was nothing there. Rainbow had 9 teeth extracted - a canine, some molars and a couple incisors. She again did exceptionally well and was told that she jumped right up as soon as waking up from the procedures. The vet tech had painted her nails pink to make her feel pretty. She had scrambled eggs for breakfast and prepared other soft meals until her mouth is healed. Her stitches were removed. Rainbow has been even more demanding and bossy for attention and has blossomed into a typical female Wire Fox Terrier.
Rainbow went back to the animal hospital on March 22nd and had an abdominocentesis. 700 ml of fluid was removed from her tummy. She has been returning once a month for this procedure and the amounts have been 350 ml, 650 ml and this last time was 900 ml. As her condition progresses, she more than likely will need to go in more frequently.