Rescue volunteers work relentlessly to educate the public on how dogs are viewed and treated by society. It is important to dispell misconceptions about animals in Rescue and in shelters. Rescue animals are NOT second class, rejects or have medical or behavior issues. The most wonderful companions are found in Rescue and shelters and there is a pure Breed Rescue for almost every dog breed.
If you have a Wire Fox Terrier you can no longer keep, please contact us and provide a photo and your location. Owners will be required to sign an Owner Surrender Agreement upon transfer. We do not require a donation to accept an owner relinquish. All Vet records and basic info will be requested. If your Wire Fox Terrier is elderly and ill, this is a time in their lives when they need you the most. If you are not willing to do the responsible thing - then please consider the compassionate route. Trying to rehome your Wire can be an emotional and daunting experience. Placing a free ad can attract people who would not be suitable or could have detrimental intentions.
Our Wire Fox Terriers are fostered in Iowa, Chicago and surrounding States. We welcome Applicants from all States as long as they are willing to travel to us to adopt. WFTRM does not ship dogs or transport dogs to new homes.
Never forget to believe in Guardian Angels, unexpected miracles, the power of hard work and the love of a Forever Friend.
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WFTRM has rescued from and adopted to most every State. Where there is a will - there is a way! We give every effort to help or provide assistance to all those in need.
Prior to applying, we ask that you first consider some of their traits below to determine whether the Wire Fox Terrier is the right dog for your family and your lifestyle. Internet sites or sellers tend to paint the perfect pet picture for everyone. Wire Fox Terriers can be a challenging breed to place and we make every effort to assist all Applicants find that perfect match. They are a big dog in a little package. The more obstacles to work around - the longer it may take for one to fit in.
Wire Fox Terriers are runners and excellent escape artists! They seize the opportunity when a door is opened to bolt out. Wire Fox Terriers are not a breed that can be let off leash. Some can dig under, jump or climb over a fence. A Fenced Yard would be ideal for a Wire Fox Terrier but not mandatory for adoption.
Wire Fox Terriers have varying levels of prey drive and love to hunt and chase varmints. Anything small or their size is fair game - squirrels, birds, chipmunks. Some may tolerate a cat but the majority are NOT cat friendly.
As a non-shedding breed, Wire Fox Terriers are prone to allergies whether it be skin, food or environmental. Regular bathing and grooming is essential for them. A good food, preferably grain free is a must to prevent or avoid issues.
Wire Fox Terrier owners must have a big sense of humor to put up with a Wire's Shenanigans.
We cover a large area with many States and especially those with little to no Rescue resources. Please contact us with your request regardless of how far way. If we cannot find a means, we have a network of colleagues and can forward your information and find assistance in your area. If you are unsure whether you have a Wire Fox Terrier, please email pictures so that we can help or assist you with locating the appropriate breed rescue.
There are 3 requirements to be approved for Adoption. Each step is a separate process and all three need to be performed before approval. Once completed and the perfect match is in Rescue and ready, then finalization of the Adoption can take place.
An Adoption Contract will be required to be signed at the time of Adoption and pick up. We do have a standard Adoption Fee which is also required at that time. We do not post this amount as there are exceptions made for senior dogs, health concerns and honorary terriers that are in WFTRM.
If you are serious about adopting, we recommend submitting an Application as it gets the process started, whether the perfect Wire Fox Terrier is in Rescue now or will be arriving in the near future. Although we prefer to have the Application emailed, the option for faxing is also available and those numbers are located on the form.
We will contact your current or most recent veterinarian by telephone to inquire as to whether vaccinations and care were or are kept current for any past or existing pets.
Wire Fox Terriers are fearless and will not back down from any challenge - regardless of size. They are usually the first ones kicked out of the dog park. Wires play very rough and have large canines and teeth. They can be ornery, growly, stubborn and strong willed to get their own way.
The challenge is to discourage and eliminate the public's desire to purchase dogs from pet shops and internet sites. 99.9% of dogs from these sources are from puppymills, mass commercial mill breeders and back yard breeders. These are unforgivable operations that abuse, starve and force the dogs to live in horrendous conditions and who are never released from their cages. Purchasing from a pet store or breeder only encourages these activities to flourish and continue, the breeding dogs live a life of pure hell, and ensures that millions of dogs in shelters will be euthanized each year because there simply are not enough homes.
This will allow us to determine what type of Wire Fox Terrier, if any, would work best for the home and lifestyle. Each Wire Fox Terrier is unique with personalities and needs. Please read our entire process to the left to be certain these steps can be met.
Once an Adoption Application is submitted
A member of Rescue will make an appointment prior to and visit the Applicant's home. The purpose is to view the fence or yard, the neighborhood and meet the other members and animals in the home.
We have provided telephone numbers for emergency purposes only and for Shelters, Animal Controls and Owners who need to relinquish their Wire Fox Terrier.
Please do not call to inquire about our adoption process which is detailed above or to inquire about an adoptable dog without submitting an Application.


Email: ccswires@netins.net


Email: knierim@msn.com
There are no guarantees in life and the same holds true for puppies and their life span and health. Reputable and Responsible breeders will interview and screen buyers carefully and will place their puppy with a Contract. No reputable breeder will offer to ship a dog or puppy and will want to meet you in person. They will allow you to see their home or kennel, meet the parents and perform health screenings. A reputable and responsible breeder will guarantee the health of the puppy for a certain time period and offer to take the dog back during its lifetime if you can no longer keep it. Vaccinate, deworm and possible microchip and remove dewclaws. If a breeder always has puppies available month after month and they offer to ship the dog - this is a red flag for a puppy mill or mass breeding operation. There are many internet sites that allow posting of dogs for sale and make it too tempting and almost too easy to get a puppy of a favorite breed. Society needs to be Responsible and do their Research and consider Rescue as it truly is the grand Reward for the Heart and Soul.
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