EDDIE SPAGHETTI was delivered to WFTRM Chicago via Door Dash . . . actually by Susan and her Subaru. He is a nice little boy who is very friendly, a bit curious and happy to get love and attention. He absolutely loves going in the car so she has taken him with on all her errands and appointments this past week. He marched right into her house and said hi guys to the other three Wires and everyone liked him too. Eddie has the cutest face and nice little compact body with colorful coat that is all these tight curls. He is 8 years old and a very healthy fellow. He went to see Dr. Ben on Thursday and came home with a clean bill of health. He received some tests, vaccinations, and Revolution for preventative. He was fascinated with the big macaw in the cage and was stretching and standing to get a better look. Eddie is an owner surrender whose life had taken a 180 turn of events with a married son and his family moving in with their small children and big akita mix dog. It was the small kids that annoyed Eddie so he was shut away and he was not used to that nor did he like it. They made the right choice as it was not fair to him and the grandkids were there to stay. They wanted a better life for him and loved him very much. Wires are very resilient, and he is back to happy Eddie with no restrictions and lots of attention. He does love to be with his human and hops on the chair with you, follows you around or being in your company makes him happy. One discovery is that he like so many others Wires are crazy for toys especially the furry critter type he can carry around in his mouth. There is not a toy basket that he has not rummaged through. But he does not seem to want to share the toy with another dog even for a sniff and give them a soft growl. At his current foster home, there are no toys as one of the resident Wires shreds and eats and then needs surgery. I think he deserves his wishes at 8 years old and get an only dog home with a nice fenced yard to run his zoomies which is another favorite of his. Eddie is so adorable and everyone who meets him falls in love. He has that charisma and charm to schmooze everyone. He is ready to find that forever home of his dreams.
Rabies Vaccination
Heartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
On Flea & Tick
Micro Chip