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Honey Bee, the cutest little Bee around, has landed here at WFTRM Iowa. She buzzed in a few weeks ago to find gentle TLC, love and good care. Honey is not used to TLC I think this is the first time she has known what itís like to live in a home. She is very sweet, gentle, craves love but is so afraid to trust anyone. She has a frightened, deer in the headlights, look when approached, talked to or any attempt to touch her. I can see it in her eyes she wants to trust, be loved she is just so hesitant. Honey is from a Puppy mill, a breeding girl used to satisfy the Greed of her former owners. She is almost 7 years old. She has been to my vet for spay, blood panel, 4 DX heartworm test, fecal check, dental, Urinalysis and thankfully she is in perfect health. She is petite, beautiful thick coat with the blackest Black and rich golden brown colors. She has an adorable Mocha spot on her nose. She has come a long way in learning to trust me but has a long way to go with others. She is my new BFF always near and loves to be held. She has claimed one very large crate for her safe place when she feels over whelmed, Loves to snooze in the bunk bed and watches out the window for any intruders. She likes car rides but I have to use a seat belt harness so she stays off my lap. She is learning to walk with a leash and house training is going very well. She is fine with other dogs (males only) follows them for assurance that everything is ok. She loves to snuggle any time I sit down. She will growl if another dog approaches as a warning to stay away, this is my mom. I have a good friend who is here often. Janet is helping me expand Honeyís horizon by earning her trust with gentle voice, lots of treats and sometimes a quick lick on her hand yay progress. Honey needs careful socialization. Desensitizing a puppy mill dog has to be patient loving baby steps out of the comfort zone in a safe environment. Honey has a nickname here I call her Fraidy and she will come running to me now when I call. I always give them a nickname it seems. She is a Project I canít stress that enough. She requires a secure fenced yard, if she were to get away now it would be close to impossible to catch her. She reminds me of Piper, to those who remember her. The amazing girl who ran off on her way home with a new family. She was lost in Galena for 2 weeks. Piper had a wonderful life once she found that perfect home and that is exactly what my Honey needs. Honey canít leave until we find someone willing to invest in her, to help her be all she can be, love her and do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Honey wouldnít run to get away they run out of fear. Piper was so similar I will never forget the day her new family adopted her. Piper seemed to choose them and Honey will know when itís right too. She is so precious and sweet. A true treasure to add joy to the right family.
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