A perfect pair of pups arrived here at WFTRM Chicago and I am giddy with goosebumps over how sweet and adorable these two are. QUEEN and .J.R. have made themselves at home at the Southfork Ranch of the Midwest. They are a bonded pair of siblings who are gentle, loving, well-mannered and who adore cuddling and lounging with you. They do look for each other, follow each other and take cues with whatever the other is doing. They love going out in the yard and exploring, running and smiling as they are genuinely a happy pair. Queen and J.R. are 4 years old and did have routine veterinary care. Their elderly owner had to move to a nursing home and could no longer provide or care for them. They have been a bit sheltered in place but can be nervous and scared when taken out of their element to the groomer or the vet. I am trying to transition them to a good diet - one that does not include hot dogs and kibble and bits. We gave them a nice bath on arrival, a Capstar and then a Simparica Trio. Then it was off to the vet where they were examined, Bloodwork, Urinalysis, Cytopoint Injection, Anal Glands, Fecal Check and Microchipped. They both were ready to go home! All calm in the car on the way home. They are on some antibiotics for the skin but everything looks great and they are a healthy duo. Next was the groomer where again they were nervous but did well. They have a cute short cut as their coat was not kept and had mats. They both look so tiny now. Queen and J.R. are so sweet, quiet and affectionate. They are friendly with everyone they meet and just a pleasure to please and protect. Both have this darling way of tapping you gently with their paw if they want something and I am so happy to oblige. When J.R. is happy his tail does not wag it buzzes with excitement. Queen is the one who has to snuggle close and touch, lay her head on your leg while J.R. is nearby. They like to lick or groom each other and Queen is the more boss of the two. They have not been left alone so a home where someone is home quite a bit would be best. When left alone for short spurts they are fine. A fenced yard is what they were used to and seem to enjoy. Queen is a runner and looks for gaps in the gate or even tried to take off on me at the groomer parking lot. Not today sister. So adorable these two are and hoping the Cytopoint alleviates the itching along with the medicated bath and antibiotics but these two may need a vet dermatologist if not totally subsided. Queen and J.R. are being placed as a bonded pair and truly demonstrate the definition of two heads are better than one. Love having them here as fosters.
Heartworm Tested
HW Preventative
Flea & Tick
Ear Cleaning
      Full Blood Panel
      Fecal Check
      Micro Chip