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I Love Lucy!
She is so sweet
and loving –
calm and cuddly
and the cutest little
girl you ever laid
eyes on. Lucy is a
Lakeland Terrier
and her coloring is called Wheaten. She is absolutely gorgeous and no one can believe she recently turned 10 years old. I first rescued her in February of 2010 when she was just turning two. Lucy was adopted to a home in St. Louis where she has lived for the past 8 years. Sadly, both owners now have very serious health conditions, had to move from their home with a fenced yard to a senior community apartment.
Lucy went on a fabulous vacation in a foster home in the hopes she would accept sharing a home with another Wire Fox Terrier. She has totally taken over and was in love with living there but she is insisting that she be the only one to get all this glorious attention. She is such a wonderful girl out and about on walks, visits with other people and fine with other dogs she encounters but it was a big no on sharing the home. Lucy is just a typical territorial girl who wants her home all to herself and be the princess.
Lucy is a very well behaved Lakie girl and is just the total package. She is absolutely adorable. She is quiet, curls up on a fur blanket when you are busy but ready to go on that adventure with you given the cue. Absolutely loves going in the car and on trips and errands. Lucy is well trained, knows sit and beg and is a very good listener and follower. She is such a delightful little girl who gives great pleasure just being around, hanging out with and loving. Lucy loves to be petted and talked to and if you stop, she nudges your hand with her nose for more. Her perfect home would be with someone who was home more often than not as she was used to retired moms. A home with no other animals she would have to share the spotlight with and no kids as well as she does get wound up when the doorbell rings. Lucky will be that home that adopts Lucy the Lakeland Terrier.
Matilda Aka Tillie came to WFTRM in Iowa, a sad, anxious little girl. She was in need of some serious TLC and she is getting all she needs now. She was dumped at the shelter after hours by someone who didn’t want to share her story. Tillie is a sweet, shy, affectionate little dog who is quickly becoming my shadow. It took some time and effort to win her trust and enable her to feel comfortable and safe. She is a perfect little house guest. She is quiet as can be I have not heard her bark however if she is sad, lonely or just wants some company she will howl and sing. She has free run of the house now and this is happening less and less often. She likes to snooze on the sofa or in my sunroom. Happy as a clam in there watching out the window. She follows me outside and loves to help me water flowers or just sit in the yard. She is really comical when I snap on her leash it really winds her up to know she gets to have a walk. She bounces along like a 2 year old on a leash. Amazing how happy it makes her. She also likes to ride in the car. Usually curls up for a nap after a few miles. Tillie is house trained asks to go out but doesn’t bark I normally have to ask her Go Outside? then she heads for the door. She is fine in a large pet taxi to. When she first arrived she slept in her crate every night now she sleeps where she wants to but often goes to her crate with the door open. Tillie has a real fetish for lots of fuzzy soft blankets. She loves to snuggle in. Tillie is fine with other animals, she ignores them but tolerates them without any problems. She only weighs 17 pounds now and her weight is fine but adding a couple of pounds wouldn’t hurt. She is a very pretty girl with good conformation. I love her head and bright colors. Tillie came to me spayed, vaccinations are all up to date, she is having medicated baths for a couple of spots on her skin that need attention, mostly from lack of grooming. She also has a Grade 2 out of 6 Heart Murmur that Dr. feels is common and not a concern. Should be rechecked n 6 months. Tillie is going in on Tuesday for Dental, removal of a couple of warts and a small Fatty mass on her hip also a Microchip. Tillie would love a quiet home with a loving family who enjoy a senior girl. She would love leisurely walks, car rides and someone to love and take good care of her. She wouldn’t like a busy boisterous household. She loves to stroll around a fenced yard but would also be happy on just a leash. She would be fine with no fence but needs an owner who realizes you Never allow a Foxie to run loose. They will not stay home and Tillie is no exception to that rule. She runs right to the gate when we go out. Tillie is a great little Foxie who will reward her new family with many years of loving companionship. We do live in Iowa and Tillie is waiting.
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