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So this is what all the fuss is about . . . introducing the newest rescue girl at WFTRM Chicago. Her name is LUCY and she is a tiny treasure who is so loving and friendly. She is a Star Spangled Baby who weighs only 12 pounds and is totally gleaming with a gorgeous tri-color coat and caramel brown face with perfect ear set. She has the best temperament, so friendly and well behaved and obedient. Her loving is fast and free and will climb on you and give you lots of rapid kisses and cuddles. Lucy just turned 5 years old in April, 2020 and if you remember the most adorable boy Billy who was here in the Spring well this is his daughter. She is as wonderful as her Daddy, small in stature but big with personality and wants to please you. She also has his trait where he grunts and snorts like a bear. She is a very obedient girl who comes when called and enjoys being by your side but not to be fooled, she is fast and will run out the door if given the chance. She has had good vet care and love but her parents are elderly with serious health issues. It is difficult for everyone but in the best interests of the dogs. Lucy went to the animal hospital and did her princess prance right inside. She had her spay surgery and a dental cleaning and is recovering quick. Loves the soft fluffy toys and takes each one and puts in her big donut bed as her stash. The little circus girl can also jump straight in the air over and over when she is excited about seeing you or getting a new toy or treat. She is excellent on the leash and walking, not too familiar with travel in the car but says hey I am beginning to enjoy this. Lucy will love a home where someone has time to spend with her, give her much love and treat her like a princess. She spent much of her time in a crate and is so ready for that life of luxury and not being left all alone. She will need house training reinforcement and just needs a daily routine and she is on top of her game. Lucy is okay with other dogs but is a bit jealous of the residents here sweet one minute and snorting the next. Like many Wires, sharing the home, people and attention is not their first choice. O say can you see what a Special little girl Lucy is.
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Distemper Vaccination
Heartworm Tested
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Full Dental
Canine Influenza
Cytopoint Injection
Ears Cleaned
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