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Meet Miss Mollie an adorable
sweet lady born on February
14,2013. She is a calm, gentle,
cuddle lamb who just can't
give enough kisses in return
for Ear and belly rubs. Mollie is very easy going just putters around all day, loves sun puddles and long leisurely walks. She likes toys and balls that Squeak. Mollie came into rescue a little over weight at 22 pounds. She is really a tiny Foxy girl ideal weight would be around 16 or 17 pounds. Mollie is house trained, kennel trained, loves other dogs and older children. Mollie is also used to having her teeth brushed and sits patiently while you brush. She prefers peanut butter flavored toothpaste. Her teeth are beautiful. She knows sit, Kennel Up, potty outside and sits up and begs. She is a very charming little dog who lost her first home due to the owner having a serious illness. She could no longer care for her. Mollie had Cystotomy surgery to remove two bladder stones shortly after arrival. She is doing really well now but will need Royal Canin Urinary diet to prevent more stones from forming. Mollie has enjoyed really good vet care her entire life. She has perfect bloodwork, Heartworm Neg and on prevention, her vaccinations are up to date, spayed, fecal checked and Microchipped. Mollie is ready to find an ideal home with someone who is at home to snuggle, play and take long walks. She prefers to be inside but a nice small fenced yard would be ideal… Mollie is quiet rarely barks She would be well suited to Apartment or condo living if need be. Mollie is the ideal little package for someone who is looking for a sweet companion to share their life and home.
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ROMEO is a Wire Fox
Terrier boy who if he
had a wish, would
choose to be loved on
all day long. He loves
cuddling, getting belly rubs and being right by you. He is such a good boy, house trained and well mannered. He is a member of the one ear up/one down club and is simply adorable. He is not much of an outside guy – goes out to do his business and wants right back in. Romeo has been through more than any little 6 year old boy should have to endure. In 2018 after Hurricane Michael ravaged the Florida Panhandle, he was left abandoned to survive on his own. A kind rescue lady found him and took him in and took care of him. He was welcomed into WFTRM in May 2019 and was in an amazing foster home in the Panhandle. Romeo arrived with some serious skin issues and one being his feet and his tail. The bone of his tail was exposed and he has had to have surgery to amputate a portion of it. It has been healing very slowly but progressing. His feet are sore and his nails are deformed. On September 5th Romeo arrived at his foster home in Louisville and will be continued to be pampered by Betty and Richard. He has been to see the primary vet who had shaved the scab off the tip of his ear and concluded that the nails, tail and now ear might be connected to some kind of auto immune issue.
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Rabies Vaccination
Distemper Vaccination
4 DXHeartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
Full Blood Work Panel
Full Dental Cleaning
Micro Chipped
Rabies Vaccination
Distemper Vaccination
4 DX HW Tested
On HW Preventative
On Flea & Tick
Fecal Checked
Micro Chipped
Romeo had an appointment with a veterinary specialist at Blue Pearl for early October but as luck would have it they had a cancellation and he was able to get right in to see Dr. Griffin. She did her exam of Romeo and multiple blood panels. She had determined that he had cutaneous vasculitis whether it be from systemic disease, drug reaction or auto-immune. The tests returned with a positive for being a tick borne disease Rickettsia infection which causes vasculitis. When the tips of the ears, feet and tail are not getting blood flow to them they begin to die off. Romeo was put on Doxycycline and Pentoxifylline and will be on a longer course than with lyme disease. He has a follow up appointment for the end of October. Romeo has a favorite blue octopus he adores and cuddles and sleeps with him. He also just loves to sit in the car – even if you are not going anywhere! He gets along with his foster brother Dandy and is just so sweet. They hang out together looking out the window to the world. Romeo has the need to be right by you all the time so a forever home with a steady foot would be perfect as he is always under your feet. He cuddles and kisses and can be the best companion one could ever imagine.

Please welcome the absolute sweetest little guy, Zac to WFTRM. This dear boy had been running the streets in South Carolina for who knows how long. Zac is a young Wire mix who is about two years old. Thankfully two caring ladies who picked him up and contacted Cheryl with WFTRM about Zac. Poor little angel was not as healthy as he appeared. He was very skinny once you felt under his wire coat, he had a pretty extensive case of hookworm that should be cleared up after his medication again this past week. Zac was also crypt orchid which means one testicle was in his abdomen instead of where it was supposed to be. This obviously means a larger incision than a normal neuter surgery. Unaltered crypt orchid dogs have a much higher chance of testicular cancer if it is not removed. Zac made it through his neuter just fine. Dr. Sacco made a smaller incision than we expected. The worst of all is he is heart worm positive and is currently on Doxycycline which is the standard protocol. We also wanted to eliminate the other parasites first, get him on good diet and put a little weight on before the Ivermectin injections. Zac will have to endure two painful injections near his spine with a month of quiet time in after injections. Heart worms are tough on any dog, but even worse for a young energetic terrier. We cannot begin to tell you just how special this incredibly loving boy is! It brings tears to my eyes thinking about him running the streets searching for food and someone to give him the love he so desperately craves. Zac is a true cuddle bug and prefers to be in your lap than outside playing with his foster siblings. When Zac looks at you with those adoring, beautiful big brown eyes he absolutely melts your heart. He loves, loves, loves belly rubs! If he is lying beside you in bed he snuggles in as close as he can and if you stop petting him too soon, Zac will put his little white paw ever so gently in the middle of your face. Who could say no to that? He loves his training sessions and is a super-fast learner. He just gets so excited and smiles so big when he receives praise for a job well done. Zac loves car rides, but has to be buckled in or he wants in the driver's seat. He is a very laid back little fellow and plays well with all other dogs. Zac is housebroken, crate trained and is learning standard obedience, sit, down, stay very quickly. He would make a great agility partner as he is so smart and eager to please. His recall is also amazing for a dog who has been running the streets. I have to say he is an all-around wonderful, charming and extremely endearing boy who just wants someone to love. Zac is neutered, microchipped and has had his standard vaccinations. We still are facing his heart worm treatments, but he is well on his way to being a healthy boy. If you are looking for the perfect companion, please consider this once in a lifetime kind of boy.

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