Miss Skye, AKA Skywalker, joined WFTRM in Iowa almost 2 weeks ago. This petite little darling was owner surrendered. She was born on 11-9-15, purchased as a puppy. Skye was strictly a daddy’s girl unfortunately he passed away. Skye and her dad were together all the time, in his office, in his room at night. They were Best friends they took long walks and car rides. The rest of the family didn’t share much in Skye’s life. Mom played with her and occasionally spent time with her but her heart belonged to daddy. There were also 3 other dogs, in the home. Yorkies who belonged strictly to mom. Skye hated them and would fight with them. They were enemies and Skye had no time for those silly little dogs who liked to stand up to her. All of this lead to Skye spending her days, nights really most of her time alone after her daddy passed. She was lonely, bored and sad. This is why WFTRM was contacted to see if we can locate a home for little Miss Skye as an only dog. She loves people but no way is she going to live happily with another dog. She loves walks, car rides and spends her time here in the sunroom. She is quite content with me just coming and going to visit her. I have tried to introduce her to the other dogs and it’s a firm NO way. She loves to chase Frisbees run and play with people. She is fine with older children. She is well house trained, ok in her crate sometimes just goes in on her own to nap. Skye loves to sit on the back of chairs or sofa and look out the window. She loves sun puddles. Gobbles up her food of Kibble with cooked lean ground beef. Yes I cook her food in the microwave and she patiently waits for me to serve her in the sunroom. Skye is tiny, beautiful colors, nice wire coat. She is having a dental soon. She will also be having a spa day. I will post more pictures then. She is absolutely adorable, a wonderful companion as long as there are NO canine siblings. She has had a full veterinary work-up and is now microchipped. Blood panel is perfect. Skye is a healthy girl ready to find a loving home where she can be Queen in her castle. She is so cute.
Rabies Vaccination
Heartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
Fecal Check
Micro Chip