Burt is an adorable little mixed breed guy, around 2 years old. He and his little buddy Ernie were running stray in Houston. The kind lady who picked them up did all the work getting them ready to come to Iowa. Burt had a serious burn on his back and Heartworm Positive. I am happy to report his burn is all healed now and he has started the heartworm treatment. He is in the hospital until Monday. He is doing really well but has to be kept very quiet at this stage of the treatment. He will get 2nd injection in one month then another month neuter then ready to begin his journey to a Forever Home. Burt is a little guy short legs, long body. He has silky fur and face looks Schnauzer. I am waiting to get back results of the Wisdom Panel for DNA make up. Burt is a very cuddly, affectionate little guy. He loves tummy rubs and has an amazing temperament. He is on the shy side cautions with new people but always gentle and loving. He is learning from Ernie how to enjoy toys. He walks nice on a leash, is ok in a crate, rides really nice in the car and is House trained. He loves to just hang out with me. Sleeps in his little dog bed at night. He tolerates other dogs well Ernie can be pushy Burt ignores him. He loves to eat, his favorite chews are turkey tendons. He looks so cute in his little shirts. I think he likes them Burt needs a peaceful loving home with someone who has time to bond and let him know he is an important part of his family. I think Burt has suffered a lot of pain in his short life He has been treated badly it shows. Those days are ALL over now Burt You are going to have a great life filled with gentle hugs and lots of love.
Meet handsome little Ernie, the white half of my Ernie and Burt pair, fromHouston, Texas. They came as a pair, running the streets, then picked up by a kind lady. Ernie is all finished up at the vet. He is around 2 years old,weighs 12 pounds and is in perfect health. He has been neutered, blood panel, 4DX Heartworm tested negative, core dental, vaccinations, fecal checked and microchipped. Ernie is very playful, animated and loves squeaky toys. He likes to play fetch but doesn't always want to hand over his prize.
Ernie is house trained, loves walks and good in the car. Ernie was amazing on the grooming table, seemed to totally enjoy. He loves everyone he meets quite a social fellow. He likes Burt tolerates the rest of the gang. I think the larger dogs intimidate him. He is so cute at bedtime. I show him his cookie and he jumps on his cot. Loves to rough around in blankets and rolls
over for his goodnight tummy rub. He is a lively playful little guy. Very affectionate loves to be held. He has learned sit and dance. Ernie will do
most anything for his cookie or a little chicken toy. His favorite. Ernie is ready to move on to a Forever Home. He needs someone who has time to play, bond and let him know he's a special part of his family. A fenced yard will enable him to spend time outside with his owner. He enjoys watching me plant flowers. He is a delightful, small dog. Short legs, long body, curly thick
coat. No shedding, my guess is toy poodle Westie mix I am waiting results of the DNA test I'm always like to know breeding.