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Brix is a handsome
 debonair fellow. He
is very intelligent, our
problem solver. Brix
knows how to get
things he wants done accomplished one way or another. He is the athlete of the three puppies. He figured out how to get out of the exercise pen. He simply climbs over the top and jumps. He also can climb the sides to get on the grooming table to snatch a treat or two if the bag is up there. He has also found rolls of paper towels to shred up there. Brix tosses the roll of towels in the exercise pen so he can share with the other two. He loves to play with his brother and sister. Brix is the most adventuress of the litter. He is the largest of the three puppies. He has amazing colors and a very harsh wire coat. He is healthy, all vaccinations and microchipped. He will be placed with a strict neuter agreement. Brix loves to wrestle with the adult boys here. He loves the little happy face squeaker toys. Chases balls and loves the snow. He likes to find and carry sticks around. He is active playful happy but isnít wild or hard to work with. I think he might have a future in agility or barn hunts. Brix is always ready for a fun adventure. He is ready to go to a forever home. A perfect home to help him become all he can be.
This is the little girl's
name is Dulcie meaning
sweetness. She is indeed
a sweetheart. Dulcie is a
mix of playfulness,
curiosity, loves affection
on her terms like most females a bit independent. She seems to contemplate the situation before she jumps in. Dulcie is very intelligent and not as rough and rowdy as some. She gives me The Look sometimes as if to ask why would I want to do that. She loves her chews more than the boys and takes them quietly into her hideaway to chew in peace. She likes the adult dogs if they play nice. Little squeaky toys are her choice. Dulcie was born on October 12 ,2019. She has been vet checked and all vaccinations are complete including influenza. She is also microchipped. She will be placed with a strict spay agreement contract. She is healthy, beautiful, with a great personality. She has an amazing harsh Wire coat. Dulcie is ready to begin her search for that Perfect forever home.
Jordy is one of three
 adorable puppies with
WFTRM in Iowa. Jody
was born on
October 12, 2019 He is
such a sweet adorable little guy. He has such cute expressions sometimes he appears to be a very proud puppy. He is a tiny bit timid but is learning to feel at home here. Jordy likes to play with the adult dogs as long as they donít get too rough. He runs and hides if they get too vocal. He likes to snuggle on my lap. Loves his chews bully sticks are the best. Jordy is in perfect health, has all his vaccinations and is microchipped. He will be placed with a strict neuter agreement. Jordy likes to chase balls, snuggles in the big doggie beds and loves to find a sun puddle. He likes it outside when the weather isnít so cold. Jordy is adorable and will be looking for that perfect home with some wonderful family who can help him become a Perfect Foxy boy. He needs time, patience, love, training with someone who understands a Foxy boy. He will be a wonderful companion in the right home. Jordy and I are waiting to meet you.
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