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All Piper wants for Christmas is a Forever Home with a family who will love, and enjoy her forever. This adorable little girl is so easy to love. She is a delightful mix of sugar and Spice with endless kisses, happy, outgoing and social but a little spicy with other dogs. Piper gets along fine as long as other dogs agree she is the boss, if not she turns into a tiger. She really needs to be in an only dog home. She is very bright, busy, playful, very well-mannered in the house. She is house trained to perfection. Loves car rides especially loves watching out the window so she can see what is going on. Piper seems to love everyone she meets no problem. She is lively, tenacious, and determined if she really wants to do something like chase a cat, squirrel or bunny. This girl has prey drive and a go for it attitude. NO Cats in her life. She almost got the house kitty at the vet. She loves walks but pulls so I would say needs work in this area. Piper loves toys and a lively game of fetch. She would easily learn how to play hide and seek. She is very intelligent. I had a very shy timid foster pup here from a puppymill. She was afraid to come inside. Piper watched me working to coax her in. She surprised me by racing out the door, doing zoomies to get the pup to chase her, then she would race in the house. She was telling her to come inside, she even gave her a toy. Piper does play well with a pup unless she sticks her nose in Pipers dish then it Game on. She is a tiny girl, 16 pounds, so funny and light on her feet. She has a odd gait but hip x-rays found nothing abnormal. Piper was born on 11-17-16, 4 years old. Pipe loves to climb and sit up high. She sleeps in her big crate every night. Piper loves to be with me, and snuggle on my lap. Piper does have allergies. She came here with her hair chewed off her feet and stained. She was itching and chewing so we went to visit the vet. Piper had a cytopoint shot and is on a strict grain free diet this worked like magic the itch is gone. She will probably require the cytopoint injection once a month and be kept on grain free food. She also had a full blood panel done, dental,4DX heartworm tested negative times four, fecal check, Microchipped and she is in Great health. Piper was an owner surrender who just didnít enjoy the tenacious, activity and robust personality of a typical Terrier. Piper is a wonderful girl a true companion and typical Wire Fox Terrier. She needs an owner who understands her and will love her for the awesome little dog that she is. Piper listens and is well trained but will require an fenced yard. She loves to run and would take off in a minute. Christmas is almost here if you think you are the perfect home for my Piper we are waiting. She would love to be Home for Christmas. She truly is a wonderful little Foxy.
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Distemper Vaccination
Heartworm Tested
On HW Preventative
Full Dental Cleaning
Full Bloodwork Panel
Micro Chipped