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Two Cute Baby girls have arrived at WFTRM in Iowa. Stella and Desi were born November 3, 2018. They are beautiful healthy, happy little rascals who are looking for a forever home. Desi is always ready to romp, run and explore. She is very bright and Curious. Desi has things done while Stella is still considering which would be the best approach. Stella thinks things over then jumps in with all 4 feet. Stella loves to romp and play, very sharp. She climbed right up the X-Pen and over the top . Used the wires like a ladder I suspect Chain link fencing isn't going to work for my little Thinker. Wire puppies are always adorable, fun and entertaining. They are very social and outgoing with people. They were a little hesitant with other dogs the first few days and felt safer in the X-Pen, They watched the lively antics around here for a few days safely behind the wire. Now they are joining in and make up most of the action. They are trained to potty on pads since it's so cold here. They eat really well. Snuggle together in their big wire crate at night. Vaccinations are current for their age, microchipped and will be placed with a very strict spay contact. Spay by 6 months or return them to rescue. I am very serious about enforcing the contract. Wire Babies require lots of socialization, play time, training is a must for them to grow up to be all they can be. They are very cute however they are not the breed for everyone. I promised to find the girls a home with someone who knows and understands Wire pups. Fenced yard is required for babies so young. They need to run, race, dig, explore, play and just enjoy life in the safety of a secure fence. They love the snow. I think they would enjoy another dog to play with, although not a requirement. They love to do zoomies with all the adult dogs here. They would love to be home in time for Valentine's Day.
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WFTRM sometimes finds puppies that need a helping hand finding a Forever Home. There are four adorable, beautiful, healthy boys in Rescue in Iowa and they are all in Great health. The boys were born on December 5, 2018 and weigh 6 to 6.5 pounds each. One weighs almost 7 pounds and is a little taller. They are registered pure bred Wire Fox Terriers. Their vaccinations are up to date for their age, they are micro chipped, have been vet checked twice with Fecals and wormed. They will be placed with a strict Neuter contract and must be neutered by 6 months and proof sent back to me signed by the vet who does the procedure. We are very adamant and the neuter must be done or the puppy will be picked up and returned to WFTRM. NO exceptions and Contract will be enforced if not honored. They are Handsome boys with perky, playful attitudes, curious and ready to run, romp, play and of course like all little boys Wrestle and rough house. They have a couple of hiding places they think are dens. They hide and jump out to get their brothers when they walk past. Zoomies around the room and love toys. They all snuggle together in a large wire crate with their fuzzy blankets. The fuzzy fur covered ball that squeaks seems to be a favorite toy. They love to shred paper and of course chew so I keep them supplied with all natural bully sticks. They are all very cute and I especially like the little guy who is all white except his ears are golden brown, color extends to around his eyes. Another has a perfect Black saddle and two others have large black spots on their back. The fluffy fellow who is a little taller is the lover of the litter. He gives kisses and enjoys being held. The white boy is a thinker He is more dignified acting sits back and watches before he jumps into the action. They all have great ear set and a nice longer tail dock. They are Wire Fox Terriers loveable, very energetic, head strong and amusing. They are mischievous, independent thinkers who have been known to outsmart many owners, myself included. Wire Fox Terriers can be a challenge to own and do require Training, early socialization and a firm loving pack leader. In return they will give you years of laughter, companionship and Adventures. You see Life is a party and adventure to all Foxies with a ready to go for it attitude.
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