Oh Look it's a handsome little Schnauzer named Higgins. He joined WFTRM in Iowa and sadly lost his home due to divorce. I happen to love
Schnauzers so I agreed to bring him here. I think I just have a weakness fordogs who need help. He is adorable and seems happy here playing with the rest of the gang. Higgins is on the small side for a Schnauzer. He just turned one year old on May 5th. He is a gorgeous black and silver miniature Schnauzer. Higgins is super affectionate, he hugs you tightly around your neck and gives kisses. He needs socialization to new experiences he was very upset with a full length mirror. I think he's lead a sheltered life. He is learning by following his Wire Fox friends and Ernie and Burt. He is about the same size as the 2 little guys. Thankful they're all getting along. Higgins has accepted sleeping in a large crate at night. He would prefer my lap. He is a little nervous and spooks but I'm sure given time he will relax. Higgins isn't a barker but when he does bark easy to pick up who's voice it is. He has that distinct high pitched Schnauzer howl/bark. He loves toys too, loves to chase a ball. He is a lovely boy all vet work will be finished this week. His wonderful coat needs to grow so he can get a proper Schnauzer groom. Someone shaved his furnishings off and the beard isn't right but remember hair grows and he's a great looking Schnauzer. Higgins is healthy no issues just needs to find a stable, loving committed Forever Home. Higgins will be a great little companion.