Greta has been here for almost a month. Her health and attitude have greatly improved. She is feeling stronger, legs are not wobbly, gained weight and seems happy here in her foster home. Greta is eating really well, loves to snuggle in her own private room, away from all those annoying Other dogs.. She still doesnít get what toys are for but thatís ok. She loves to wander around and check things out. Greta is very pushy with the other dogs. Greta has had a difficult life her behavior tells me she has been treated harshly. She is very fearful of being picked up, held, and if I touch her neck or collar sometimes she screams. Greta has attitude and will snap and bite out of fear. Trips to the vet make her feel very uncomfortable she is just sure someone is going to hurt her. Itís sad for a 14 year old dog to feel so defensive and afraid. I have to be careful to go slow, talk soft and use gentle touch. We are both learning and her trust in me is building. Greta is a kind gentle girl also she loves to be talked to petted and snuggled in soft blankets. She loves treats and sun puddles. She and I spend alone time in the sunroom. She enjoys the windows, quiet and time with just the two of us. I try to find time to sit with her every day. Greta hates crates unless the door is open and she decides to run in for a snooze but donít even think about shutting the door. Greta has been back to visit the vet last week. She was in dire need of a dental. I have not seen such horrible back teeth in a long time. Her breath was disgusting. We decided she would be strong enough to allow anesthesia and benefit would be worth the risk. Greta had the procedure done 1-22. She tolerated the anesthesia well but required a very low amount. Her teeth were in horrible condition and 8 had to be extracted with one Gingival flap. Greta was kept in the hospital overnight on IV Fluids as a precaution. Greta came home the next day and did great. She is on pain meds and antibiotics. Dr. Mallen did find a small mass in her bladder when she did the initial vet check on 1-7. She suggested a BRAF test to check for cancer cells in her bladder. I am sad and disappointed to report the test results are positive for cancer cells. We had hoped for better for this little Foxy girl. Rescue can be an emotional ride highs- lows happy-sad. We love them and give them the best outcome possible. Dr. Mallen and I have decided to try a drug called Piroxacam. It is administered once a day. The med is compounded for Greta and has shown good results in shrinking bladder masses sometimes they have completely disappeared. Piroxacam has also been found to help with inflammation so it might also be beneficial to the arthritis in her legs. The downside is this med can cause gastric problems. We are hopeful this drug will help our girl have an additional year or maybe more. Greta is 14 years old so I opted not to take her to ISU for an oncology consult. I have been down that rode twice with other dogs with very poor heartbreaking results. I might consider it if she were a younger dog and stronger. I am feeling confident I made the right decision for Greta. She can live the rest of her life here with me. I promise to take good care of her, love her, keep her happy and comfortable all the days she has left. Rescue is about commitment part of it is giving each dog you find and foster the best we have to give. Sadness is part of it however I choose to look at the happy side of Gretaís story. I can give her a good life from now on as long as she lives. I would be willing to place her in the right home however I donít see that happening not to many people want to adopt a hospice pet. Greta is happy and I can hardly wait for summer I know she is going to love long days hanging out in the warm sunshine. Send her your love, prayers and hugs. I will post pictures and updates as Greta and I continue on her journey in Rescue.