LUCAS is one of the sweetest boys you will have the pleasure of meeting. He is gentle and loving and really thrives on getting that love and affection showered on him. He is adorable and simply precious. He is friendly with all Roth dogs and a delightful little Wire. Lucas was born May 16, 2023 and recently celebrated his first birthday. He was very much loved and cared for in his home but sadly his owner was diagnosed with cancer and must move into a rehabilitation facility. She and her daughter are the nicest people and we promised as we always do to take the very best care of this special little boy. Lucas was born with a deformed front foot which makes his leg a little shorter than the rest. His toes are deformed, the pads and some are missing and is similar to a club foot. This is a genetic abnormality and while they were aware of this from the breeder, they wanted to still purchase him. He is a very lucky boy to land in his first home and now with WFTRM. Lucas cannot go for walks as others and barely makes it a block and you have to carry him home. He was used to a fenced yard and will need a secure area for him to romp at his pace, potty and play. He loves to curl up with you and snuggle, hang out and chew his treat and just enjoy being with people. Lucas absolutely loves to swim and takes every opportunity to jump in the pool. He may not be a good swimmer but he has the best time. Lucas is a new arrival and we are getting to know him better and address his needs. More pictures to come soon after his fresh groom and photo shoot.