Say hello to a loveable little Special Needs boy named LUCAS who arrived at WFTRM. He is one of the sweetest boys you will have the pleasure of meeting. He was born with a genetic abnormality and his front foot is deformed, toes and paw pads with the foot in a twisted position similar to a club foot. He does not use this foot or put weight on it and he hops to get around. Lucas cannot go for walks any distance but does not seem to affect him in any other way. He craves attention and affection, loves to sit on your lap and happily chew on his treat. If he does not finish it he will go hide it under his bed. He is a cuddler and love sponge and enjoys sleeping next to you. Lucas was born May 16, 2023 and recently celebrated his first birthday. He was very much loved and cared for in his home but sadly his owner was diagnosed with cancer and must move into a rehabilitation facility. She and her daughter are the nicest people and we promised as we always do to take the very best care of this special little boy. He was used to a fenced yard and will need a secure area for him to romp at his pace, potty and play. Lucas is crazy for swimming in the pool and just loves water in any shape and form. He goes in the splash pad area and blows bubbles. He is very well house-trained and as soon as the mission is done he heads right to the pool. He is well mannered and behaved in the house as well, gets along with other dogs and cats and just the ultimate sugar bear. His perfect home will be one that has a secure fenced area for him, someone home more often than not as he is needy on your company, a pool for his exercise and one to keep his weight in check since he only utilizes the three legs. Lucas is having the best time in his foster home and receiving so much love and care. He is currently located in Florida.