Good Morning from Miss MOLLIE. She is a new arrival at WFTRM Chicago and is getting her bearings on a new home and life. She is an easy going, loves being in your company, energetic but also lounge around girl. Mollie celebrated a birthday on April 5th and turned 11 years old and is another girl you take out and people cannot believe her age. She is peppy, energetic, happy to meet everyone and excited with life being so good now. She is house trained and well-mannered in the home and darling with perfectly folded ears, a fine fur coat with glorious ticking on the back and weighs 16 pounds. She is an owner surrender who acquired her as a puppy and that had recently moved to a community that does not allow pets. She was used to parents who both worked and while confused the first week being transported and in a new place with rescue and person, that is in the past now. Mollie is a girl who is loving this lavish, full on attention & affection and pampered home. She sleeps with me on the bed, curls up nice and tight and will often roll on her back with legs in the air. I can touch her all over which was something the former owner said was not something she liked. If I stop petting or rubbing her, she comes and nudges my hand with her snout to keep going. Mollie has a very short haircut as the owner had said due to the heat and was shaved down. She is precious and such a wonderful girl with one of those boopable noses and hard to resist charming face. She does better with dogs her size or larger and had interactions with a cat and playing with him we were told. The puppies are in the sunroom adjacent to her living quarters, and she really does not bother them or pay attention. Mollie loves her walks and gets so excited to see her leash and jumps for joy straight in the air. She is obsessed with the koi pond and wants to watch the fish and jump right in. She is eating well, really likes your people food though. Mollie would do best in a home that was home more often than not. Now that she has a taste of someone home and with her situation after 11 years, she is not compromising on going back. We have bonded and she will bond with her Forever Home with so much love and happiness to bring. Mollie has been to the vet and was very good, allowed a full examination, vaccinations, canine influenza shot, cytopoint shot, full bloodwork panel done, microchip. For someone who never had a dental cleaning, her teeth were sparkling with just some minor tartar on the back, so she had a full dental cleaning done today and is a healthy Wire Fox girl.