OLLIE is not your
ordinary Welsh
Terrier boy. He is
a character who is
funny, charming and the best companion and soul mate you could ever want. He is completely dedicated and loyal and will lick you to let you know he loves you. He loves toys, mouthing them, playing tug, pushing them on you and spreading them all around. Ollie is crazy for car rides and gets super excited when you grab his leash or harness. He walks very gentlemanly but can pull like a bear at times. Wore his new skull Halloween harness to the farm stand to pick out pumpkins. Waits his turn patiently to go outside, is house trained and also not afraid to head out in the rain to do his business. Ollie loves to explore the yard, inspects every detail and content lounging on the deck. Well mannered in the house, could not wait to try out the new big donut bed and settle in with a big no hide chew. When he wants to be with me he will make a high pitched bark that sounds like a smoke detector whose battery is running low. Ollie knows sit and shake and probably more we have not discovered yet. He is 9 years old and a healthy big fella. He weighed in at 37 pounds and do think he is thinning out now with activity. I had a full blood panel done and it is perfect aside from a neutrophil level slightly elevated which is due to stress. Understandable as he was boarded in a kennel after his Dadís accident. Ollie has had a traumatic turn in his life when his owner and best friend that loved him very much passed away. His family was crushed by the loss of a young man and they loved him too but grandma is elderly and could not take care of Ollie the way he was accustomed to with her son. The family shared all his vet records and a history on Ollie with details of his behaviors which were typical and occurred when he was younger between age 2 and 4. His dad acquired Ollie as a puppy, lived in an apartment and worked and partnered with a trainer to correct his bad leash walking and possible toy guarding. I have gotten to know him now and he is a big teddy bear. I touch him while he eats, take toys from his mouth, pick him up to put on the bed, touch him all over. He is just a sweet big bear of a boy. Speaking of which, Ollie will back that big rear end up to your legs and start rubbing on you like a bear scratches a tree. He had everyone laughing at the vetís waiting area. He sure knows how to pose for the camera as well and his Dad used to put him in many costumes and sweaters. Cannot help being smitten with this guy. Never lived with other dogs so will need an only dog home. He has encountered other dogs while out at the vet and excursions and some he ignores while others he gives them one loud bark. The gang here he meets and sniffs at the gate with no problem. Ollie has exhibited some stranger danger when someone comes to the home and reaches over the gate. He barks his burglar bark . He feels safe in his home and has to get to know them first. No exposure to children so an adult home along with a fenced yard would be perfect. His Dad called him Prince Ollie and that is how he would like to be treated.
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